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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by crabby, Apr 17, 2006.

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  1. Yes - They represent my values

  2. Yes - In a protest vote against mainstream politics

  3. I wouldn't vote

  4. No - The BNP are racist thugs, anyone but them

  5. No - I prefer a different party

  1. I was watching News24 and there was an interview with some BNP person (missed what his position was)

    Anyway he basically got ripped apart and shown for the racist cnut he is. Not only is he a cnut but he's a dangerous cnut who's trying to present a "BNP lite" version, which still means we'll kick out anyone not white european... and the white europeans that aren't "british". Anyway, basically he's a complete fool with no grip on reality.

    Did anyone else see this? Perhaps snippets will be on the news later, I advise watching.

    So the poll question is, would you vote BNP?
  2. No,never even entered my head
  3. Saw the interview, according to the BNP cnut, I'm a Guardian reading Left Winger not a Right of Centre Telegraph reading 10 year Vet.

    "They aren't racist and dislike nobody" the cnut said - 1920's Germany all over again; if that statement is true then Griffin is a Peruvian lesbian whale watcher with halitosis and a dose of the clap.

    Plus You should never wear a v neck sweater with a coat and tie
  4. C***, c***, fool... There is a wonderful, rare and true British word 'pillock'.
  5. Saw an interview on Sky News about an hour ago, with the BNP Press Officer. He was going on about 1945 and other bollix. He then went on to say not everything foreign is bad as he likes a curry now and then. Also said some of the atheletes are alright.
    Is this guy on the same planet as us!!
  6. They do remind me of a sketch from not the nine o clock news:

    Rowan Atkinson stands up "We're not racist. I... liiiike curry... But, now that we've got the recipe..." etc :p

    These "immigrants" can work a hell of a lot harder and contribute far more to the country than the large number of white "free-riders"

    For once our resident russian has been useful, I would call him a pillock, unfortunately I would have to add expletives to fully make my feelings on these people known
  7. Oh and there have been a couple of votes for, mainly protest votes... but if you truely believe in the values of the BNP why not defend them on here? I'm ready to change my opinion and would like to see why
  8. The very existence of BNP is only a reflection of a real problem. When do you think the majoty of Londoners will be not English/Scotish/Welsh/Irish? Quite soon. What is your attitude to it? Possible variants:

    - I wish it will happen soon.
    - it is not a problem at all.
    - the problem is insignificant.
    - the problem exists but BNP tries to resolve it in the wrong way.
    - there are some constructive elements in BNP's position but at whole they are not right.

    If you have a position then clarify it please.
  9. The problem with a situation like this is that the newcomers remain seperate from natives and each other based on their culture... if you want to set up a place where hardly anyone speaks the same language and there are many who think that they can express things that are considered to be unnacceptable by the mainstream then that will be London, including sexism, homophobia, racism (between various ethnicities and against various ethnicities) and Islamic nationalism.

    I just want a mostly monoculture with a sizeable minority of foreigners from nice countries in it
  10. [align=center][​IMG][/align]
  11. Voting for the BNP is like tossing yourself off with a chainsaw, you might get a result but my fcuk are you going to regret it in the future.

    Sorry is that serious enough?
  12. LOFAO.

    yes R_A... thats changed me. Are they giving that flyer away with the Sun, by-chance?
  13. Nice Poster so "They aren't racist and dislike nobody"

    Spot the white man !!??
  14. Neat trick mistersoft it's impossible to disprove that you might regret whatever might happen in the future isn't it. I didn't know you were on Nick Griffin's strategy team anyway.

    Nick Griffin could quite easily live the easy life running a safe Tory seat but he chooses instead to do what's right and save Britain from a future run by foreign corporations and foriegn governments which the other parties are quite happy to let happen as long as they are bunged enough cash. The trouble is some people believe their own eyes while others believe the propaganda in the media, which is all foreign-owned - so-called british tabloids like the Daily Mail and the Express might whine and whinge about immigration but they try their hardest to stop people voting for the only party who would do anything about it. Work it out for yourself.
  15. I would have thought a dickless future was better than being run by a bunch of dicks. You're reading between the lines and there ain't no gaps!