BNP ID theft of Normandy Veteran

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by lewiscollins, Apr 15, 2010.

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  1. The BNP have used a letter written by a Normandy veteran calling for help to FIGHT the BNP, and re-hashed it as a letter of support instead.

    If confirmed, this has to be one of the most bizarre and disturbing things I have seen in many an election

  2. No not most bizarre but most eagerly reported
  3. I'm sure there must be some law against that. Cnuts the lot of them
  4. Not really bizarre but, if true, very amateur.

  5. Who cares?
  6. I'm afraid I'll take it with a rather large pinch of salt.
    The campaign against the BNP has so far proven rather underhand and I'm sceptical about much of the anti-BNP propaganda on the go at the moment.
  7. I'm almost tempted to buy that out of sheer evilness
  8. AIUI copyright remains with the author of the letter so unless they have explicit permission it's one way to fight back.
  9. But if it's true, will you condemn the actions of the BNP and call for appropriate action to be taken against them?
  10. I for one most certainly would. But I still haven't seen Sven/Whet/Ashie condemn the smear campaign against Gen Dannet though. I seem to remember a thread in which S/W/A (whoever it was) saying that there was no point condemning smear campains unless it could be proven that it happened. To my mind there's no doubt Labour did smear him yet the silence from Labour is deafening.
  11. My Bold

    Then go back and have another look
  12. When the UAF get prosecuted for shamelessly using the image of a fallen Ghurka in an attempted smear eh Whet... you seem strangely silent on that one.
  13. Didn't think you would condemn their actions, you being an Uber supporter and all that.

    As for your drivel, what are you going on about?