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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chrisg46, Jan 23, 2007.

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  1. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Big news down my way recently was an attack on a school boy in the playground at the end of the day. Started off as a usual after school fight, but became a bit more sinister when a car or two of older asian youths pulled up. They held down the 15 yr old kid while another proceeded to smack him around the head with a hammer. I dont know enough about the case to def say racist or not. That is not what has prompted this post.

    This is...

    Personally i am highly opposed to a political party getting involved with what amounts to vigilantism (could be wrong, but didnt the SS start in a similar way, as in the private security thing). They might be organsising a public meeting soon, and i am tempted to attend, on the basis of that i used to go to this school, and still live in the area.
    I am wondering if the BNP will pay for its volunteers to go through CRB checks in order to work near children. Anyone else got any points to bring up?
  2. Put the shoe on the other foot, if the guy beaten up was aisan then it WOULD be a racist attack, It seems to me that as long as you are NOT white then you have the law on your side, A very sad fact but a fact all the same.... Regardless of skin colour who ever carried out this mindless bit of mayham in a school FFS, should be hung drawn and effing well quartered. time to bring some discipline back into schools and the community at large........effing fed up with this country nz here i come for a bit of peace and quiet....ooops blinkin Maori's are kicking off I here... I will get me jacket and switch out all the lights as I leave
  3. Oh I forgot my main point, If the BNP say they can sort, all well and good, despite there undertone racist tones, desperate measures call for desperate means.....sounds shite but who else will sort this carp out??
  4. I would doubt very much that the BNP are getting involved because the parents or community want them to, they are jumping on the issue to build up support. I would be very wary about getting involved in anything they organise.
  5. A good point but when the current council/government refuses to act what do you do as a parent? Anger is a very strong medium and usually ends in a rash decision... in this case the BNP... once they get a foot hold and build on peoples fears then its lights out and good night Irene as the song goes... morales and doing the right thing is the thing of the past unfortunately, I was brought up in the west country and toleration is not high on the agenda... this is why things like this happens, its not ignorance but frustration
  6. I agree chimp, but its what the Police are for and I am sure they are doing the job. There may be all maner of reasons why this lad was attacked in this manner, and the BNP are preying on peoples anger. Is this credible campaigning from a legitimate party? The people doing this will be caught and brought to justice I have no doubt
  7. Putting my anorak on, it was the SA who specialised in street thugery (at least in the early days,prior to Reichsmordwoche)

    More information here:
  8. Now, you say credible campainging from a legitamate party, what about our current leaders and their credible campainging or the cons... its all a matter of what you think is credible.... people will have issues with the the two parties above and the way they have acted... with regards to the police they can only work within the guidlines that they have been given by.....Labour and the cons............. what do you do..?????? Rapist, murderers, peado's all on the loose, the world... GB that is, has gone mad... sometimes enough is enough..... dont get me wrong, I have personally fought my concious wether to vote for BNP and always have sort the moral high ground and decided against it, but if I ever was in a county that actually had a candidate then by christ I would be battling myself to say.. why not... noone else is doing anything.... sad very sad, hence my emigration to hopefully a better life
  9. Care to name a few?

    Interesting how you can turn a story about Asians attacking a white lad with a hammer into a rant against the BNP.
  10. I have been following this story since it broke as my brother lives a couple of miles away.

    Lets look at the cold hard facts.

    A fifteen year old schoolboy was attacked by a group of adults of section strength on school premises.

    The lad was held down and hit over the head with a hammer which fractured his skull.

    I would say attempted murder.
  11. Its funny that still to this day people still see the BNP as a fascist party. Yes, they spilt from the National Front and when they started up they where very racist indeed. But I do believe the BNP have changed their ways in the last few years but it don't help that the press try and put a downer on them when ever they can. Just like when the BBC wasted around £1.5 Million on trying to convict Nick Griffin of a number of charges for saying Islam was a "wicked, vicious faith". Which I believe is wholly true. (A man who marries a 9 year old and personally beheads over 600 people isn't that righteous in my book!).

    But anyway, I only live a few miles away and got very upset about this. I dont see why people are quick to fire at the BNP when they are the only ones with balls to try and stop this crap!

    Rant over :D.
  12. I am not suggesting anything. What I am saying is that its the Police's job to sort this out. As stated, blokes holding the lad down and hitting him with a hammer must be seen as at least attempted murder. What I am opposed to is the BNP sniffing an opotunity to make some "political" gains from someones missfortune. Leave it for the police to sort out.
  13. A white lad was attacked with a hammer by a gang of Asians , I note it is just a Det Sgt who is running the investigation , now on previous cases when it has been an Asian attacked by white men then the lead is taken by someone far more senior and I can fully understand why local people are incensed about it.
    Why has no one from New Labour been round reassuring the parents that action is being taken ??
    Incidents like this are the greatest recruiting Sgt the BNP can possibly have and I think it is highly likely , whether we like itor not , that they will show large gains in the coming council elections.
  14. My bold. What are they then? Lets say that the Asian lads who did this are 3rd generation English? Where are you going to "deport" them to? When the police find these shits who did it, I hope they go down for a long time, but the BNP are playing on this for political gain only. They have as much concern for the family as the Iranians have for the Palastinians
  15. You obviously have evidence of this then?