BNP gets a slot on BBCs Question Time

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Booty, Sep 5, 2009.

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  1. Frankly, I've wondered for a long time why the BNP has not appeared on QT. I want them to appear and to be properly challenged.

  2. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I agree

    Whilst no fan off the BNP or their policies I think the more you shout them down the more publicity they get
    Let them appear get some other smart pannilists on to challenge them and let us see what they actually have to offer or if they are the idiots everyone thinks they are

    IMHO they will soon be torn apart by resonable debate and not last 5 minutes
    Just aslong as the audience is not full off idiots heckling them every time they try and speak
  3. Fair play to the BBC, people voted for them so it's seems right if they pass the threshold they should be allowed on. Looking at the times comment of

    Seems fairly bang on in my view seeing the same cnuts week in week out gets a bit boring, but i suspect the entire thing will be booed every time the spaz eyed one speaks.
  4. Couldn't even make his inauguration (?) speech without some drunk manc twat shouting "facist" at him.

    I mean if he is a facist, do you think he'd be bothered in the least by someone shouting it at him?
  5. I wonder if they will actually make it onto the programme or will, "Genuine fears of violence and disorder prevent Mr Griffin from appearing"? That way, they could cultivate the sympathy vote, without ending up getting trashed in a serious debate.
  6. I believe the BBC has taken the right decision. Extreemists gain support when they are denied a platform, as the excluded (and thick) feel its 'cool' to be in such an organisation.

    Once involved in public debate, and assuming one deploys the most persuasive of orators, their policies can be picked to pieces before the public. Their attempts to persuade us that BNP policies are reasonable and well thought out will, if they are not shouted down, be exposed to the cold light of day, and, I believe, found to be built on sand.

    Well done BBC, lets see a cracking debate and an extreemist party shown up for the ignorant idiots that they are.
  7. Upholding the right to free speech is quite a painful responsibility, I dont envy who had to make this decision but its the right one. Lets see these vile human beings try and defend/deny their position. I imagine their angle will be too attempt to deny they are a racist white supremacist party, which even a minute reading their own website exposes as a total lie.
  8. Let them speak. FFS! Trying to silence people gives them credibility. Allow them their say and they will shoot their own foot.
  9. I didn't vote BNP at the last election and I have never done so, but I notice how odd it is that for Labour to discriminate against everyone "that isn't an ethnic disabled lesbian immigrant" isn't viewed as equally "vile", and seems to be an accepted fact of life.

    Surely all discrimination is negative. Including positive discrimination. Still.
  10. There is no such thing.

    You either discriminate or you don't, IMO.
  11. See your own bold.
    I think I just said that :twisted: .
  12. Put down that Daily Mail, step back and take a deep breath.........
  13. Indeed. He left out "Muslim". :twisted:
  14. Don't be silly. I can barely exhale without Liarbore wondering if there's some way to tax my CO2 emissions. I'm this close to buying myself a rebreather as a money saving measure.
  15. I was agreeing with you.