BNP "Finished as an electoral force"

:) And now the good news....

Nick Griffin comes out of the local elections facing the fact that his attempted strategy of BNP 'modernisation' lies in ruins

"Hammered by Labour – same as everyone. No surprise, no disgrace", tweeted BNP chairman Nick Griffin as the scale of his party's total obliteration in the local elections became clear. Griffin and the BNP went into these elections hoping to stem its electoral demise, which was triggered by a combination of infighting and the party's failure to break through at the 2010 general election. Today, the party leaves the contest facing the daunting realisation that it is no longer a significant player in British electoral politics. Put simply, the BNP's electoral challenge is over.

Here are some facts that will be facing Griffin this afternoon, as he sits down to consider how he might possibly sustain the morale of a dwindling and disgruntled base of foot soldiers. At the time of writing, the BNP has lost 10 of the 12 seats that it was defending.

Long gone are the days when the party could claim dozens of local councillors. Furthermore, gone are the days when the party could point to local bastions of support. Perhaps most significant of all, for the first time in 10 years there is not a single BNP councillor on Burnley borough council. The home of the party's initial breakthroughs over 2002-03 is now officially BNP free.

In other former strongholds, its vote has similarly collapsed. Two seats have been lost in Amber Valley, where the BNP vote slumped by almost 50% in Heanor East and Heanor West. Two seats have been lost in Rotherham, where, although support for the BNP remains, the reality is that it has fallen dramatically from four years ago. Support has crumbled in South Tyneside to between 4% and 13%, where not long ago Griffin could count on figures around 30%.

And in London – where the party focused most of its efforts in an attempt to win a seat on the London assembly, the data suggests it has been thoroughly trounced. To add to the humiliation, in areas such as Basildon and Dudley support for BNP candidates was lower than support for their more extreme rivals, the old National Front (NF). As the anti-fascist network Hope Not Hate points out, we have not seen results like these since the 1990s, when the BNP never seriously invested in the ballot box strategy.

So what now? Griffin needed something – anything – to put in front of his weary followers as evidence that the party is not a spent electoral force. Evidence of an electoral revival was also needed to fend off the challenge from groups like the NF, and forthcoming plans by the English Defence League to enter elections with the British Freedom party (BFP). But the reality is far from what Griffin desired. Consider this: despite economic recession; despite deep cuts to local services; despite continuing public concern over immigration; despite high levels of dissatisfaction with the main parties; despite ongoing political distrust; despite an unpopular coalition government that includes the Liberal Democrats – home for many protest voters; despite continuing public anger over the expenses scandal and more recent media and cash-for-access scandals; and despite a Labour party that has not yet reconnected fully with its core base – the BNP has completely failed to make even an electoral squeak. At one time, voters in some parts of the country appeared willing to back the party. Today, they appear completely uninterested. In my view, the British National party's quest for electoral success is finished and Griffin's attempted strategy of "modernisation" lies in ruins. The question that remains is what will emerge to fill the vacuum?


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The local BNP people were in town last weekend but they are now English national party and say Nick Griffin nicked over £1m but who knows if it's any substance.
With a bit of luck they'll mutiny.


Good. With the state of multicultural societies now, and no going back, extremist racists are the last thing we need. There are more important issues than innocent members among minorities. The Banks, the Media, Newspapers, or the Government and UKBA bunch of wasters which helped to fuel the problems with laziness and cuts. I started to think what if my kids were black and how would I feel. The penny finally dropped for me, why members like 3123, say what they say. If that makes sense. We have to live with it and make the best of things. Multicultural ism might be social engineering and yet another ideal-ism, but what's the alternative and just because it's said to have failed, what else is there?


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They never have been an Electable Force.

It didn't need Harman et al spinning all their horror stories, it was never going to happen.

One day they might get it right and then is the time to start worrying.


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Finished? When did they start?

The only reason the BNP were ever an issue was because Labour thought that where their white working class protest vote would desert to. The BNP are peripheral - always have been, always will be.
Seem to remember that Labour were twice in recent memory being talked of as finished polically but they like Lazarus keep rising from the grave .................... Never say never.
Seem to remember that Labour were twice in recent memory being talked of as finished polically but they like Lazarus keep rising from the grave .................... Never say never.
That is the same Labour that tried to scare the shite out of everybody by screaming about how dangerous the BNP threat was.

They need a new ****ing research department or the history grads working in Labour HQ are totally and utterly crap.
not since the 30s and even then it all went horribly wrong.
extreme politics dont really suit the uk


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Actually I hadnt given the BNP a single thought. I'm glad its dying on its arrse.
The thing that trips them up is that when they do win seats on councils the people that get in suddenly find themself woefully out of their depth when they discover that you have to be literate, numerate and able to make the day to day decisions about running an actual city or borough council, good business men, as opposed to just being good at hating pakis and rabble rousing. Not able to cope they pack it in rather sharpish, never to be seen again in a council meeting.
Finished? When did they start?

The only reason the BNP were ever an issue was because Labour thought that where their white working class protest vote would desert to. The BNP are peripheral - always have been, always will be.
They (the established parties) are doubtless are still playing the same careful games they were doing in Tower Hamlets in the 1990s which led the election of BNP Counsellor Derek Beacon.

(That was local pressure on housing lists with Lib Dems and Labour playing veiled reference to "local houses for local people" which led to the election of the BNP, and then his being kicked out after the protest vote).

Perhaps the EDL now gives some the pressure valve to vent without the bother of the patience of politics, drawing support from the BNP?

Perhaps the murderous Ander Brevik put a bit of a damper on exteme right wing politics?

The BNP have always had to deal with being a fringe, and so attracted the bad, sad and frankly mad (google David Myatt for a chuckle, from the BNP to Satanism to Islam and now some Greek thing I can't understand).

From the point of view of the BNP, they have to stick to areas where they have a multiple of local issues (where there are the social tensions for example) to give them a hope of a small impact. They don't have the money or talent to do anything else.

There is also the profound problem that anything to the right of the right wing of the tories has in this country: they try to invoke the spirit of British nationalism, put a picture of a (Polish) Spitfire up and they draw attention to the odour of fascism, which defeats their whole intent in the first place.

Nick Griffin is a bright lad (certainly in comparison to John Tyndal, who was just an outright Hitler-worshipper) but he hasn't fulfilled the fears of people when he became leader.

Like Brighton Hippy says, they are a storm in a teacup-but if you live in that teacup, it is a poisonous and perhaps dangerous brew.

The BNP's probably only future, would be to try and develop something like the EDL as a pool of future support when they've got fed up with street protest, to the develop them into constitutional politics-but that would require the time that the BNP does not appear to have?

And the real threat (IMHO) is that the feelings of imminent overthrow by #creepingshariah or some such rubbish promoted by the BNP, leads to someone like David Copeland deciding "I'll do it" and planting bombs or whatever to try and bring about the social chaos that would lead to the "saving" of the country by the BNP.

Anyway, extreme right wing commentary was done better by this lot:

Baronet Oswald Ernald Mosley - YouTube
The British Numpty Party always amuse me. Thick illiterates that can't string a proper sentence together. We had no BNP candidates this year thankfully!
The BNP never has been and never will be electable, at least outside of the most fevered nightmares of Guardian readers. Britain, with the possible exception of Cromwell's time as High Protector, simply doesn't do Facism.

Having said that, the depressing sight of so many people being retarded enough to vote for Labour(or the SNP)does make one entertain the notion that the Dark Side might just be the lesser of two evils...:twisted:
Not in my life time or yours, in fact unless something really radical happens, never!
Like managing to elect a leader who is intelligent, charismatic, and coherent, and a party that stops acting like brownshirts with the press at meetings. Its not rocket science to figure out.

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