BNP councilors speading their rascism?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by civpop42, Dec 15, 2006.

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  1. From The Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK.

    Facists Try to Ban Kosher/Halal Food

    British National Party councillors have been branded a "bunch of racists" after they attempted to ban halal meat from borough schools.

    Jeanne Alexander, the borough's executive councillor for children services, made the outburst as the assembly examined a raft of controversial proposals tabled by the far right party.

    Councillors were asked to consider banning halal meat from schools, Islamic headdress from public buildings and flying the union flag throughout the year.

    But, the 12 BNP councillors elected to the council earlier this year, did not have enough political weight to push through any of the proposals last week.

    All of their 12 motions were either defeated or amended beyond recognition by the Labour party.

    The BNP said the proposals, which also asked that pupils sing the National Anthem during assemblies, were designed to increase integration and improve citizenship and discipline.

    But, Cllr Alexander said the measures had nothing to do with civic pride and instead showed the BNP were a "bunch of racists".

    Cllr Alexander said: "The headteacher and the governing body run the school. The councillors can't decide. It is down to the headteacher and the governing body."

    Labour also rejected a motion that asked that the union flag be flown on all council buildings every day of the year.

    Instead, the majority party agreed to adhere to the royal household's guidance on the issue and only raise it on special occasions such as the Queen's birthday.

    The Labour group also declined to force people to remove face coverings upon entering public buildings in Barking and Dagenham.

    BNP Cllr Robert Bailey urged the borough to ban any type of headdress including burqas, niqabs and crash helmets, to improve community safety and integration.

    But, the Labour majority compromised and agreed to invite visitors to "voluntarily" remove head coverings when entering public buildings.

    Labour members also defeated the motion on halal meat, saying that school governors set school policies, headteachers dealt with the day-to-day running of schools.

    Dissatisfied parents were told to contact Barking and Dagenham's corporate director of children's services.

    What is rascist about these motions exactly?
  2. only cos it was from BNP, from anybody i would imagine it may get passed escpecially if the ruling liabour party proposed it themselves.
  3. Nail on the head there semper. I am no supporter of the BNP but If you want examples of real racists policies look no further than the established political parties who seek to engage in that which they seek to condemn in return for your vote. When the BNP practice it, it is called racism. When Parliament enact it, it is called 'the law'.
  4. Mmmm bet if i walked into the council offices to pay my Poll tax they'd insist i remove my crash helmet!!
  5. What's the official line on the methods of halal butchery, vis-a-vis cruelty, elfin safety etc?

    I'd ask the same of the 'kosher' way of doing things, but being a bit on the jewish side myself am quite sure its' ok.
  6. Banning headdress in all it's forms, such as Prescott's initial deamonisation of 'hoodies' which was followed by a well orchastrated government campaign, the so-called 'public debate'about the 'veil' has more to do with the efficacy of surveillance incorporating facial mapping technology incorporated into CCTV than it does about any stated realty about cultural devide. It is based upon the premise usually held by social scientists and politicians who profess to engage in social engineering that the general public has an infintile mind incapable of engaging in any form of rational analysis of the real purpose behind what they profess in public in their manipulation of public opinion.
  7. Ritual slaughter is illegal in Britain but the Kosher and Halal meat industries are given exemptions from the law that applies to the rest of us.

    The Government's Farm Animal Welfare Council has stated that ritual slaughter causes "severe suffering" and has recommended an immediate ban. (LINK)

    The chairman of the Council is a distinguished academic vet and a senior official in the Royal Veterinary College. She describes as 'ridiculous', claims that ritual slaughter is humane. I've seen it done and I've seen what happens when it goes wrong (e.g. because the bloke wielding the knife is pissed) and I agree completely with this statement.

    I don't support the BNP or animal rights nutters but I wouldn't let my kids eat ritually slaughtered meat in a school canteen. Ritual slaughter is unacceptable in a civilised society. It needs to go the same way as other 'traditional religious practices' like slavery, stoning, female genital mutilation and punishment amputations that are unacceptable and illegal in this country.

    People with strong religious views about meat can eat a vegetarian diet. In my day religious jews and muslims in the armed forces did this as no Kosher or Halal food was provided aboard ship or in shore establishments. Is this still the case?
  8. OK I’VE BIT

    (Sound of soap box being dragged out and stood on)
    WHY, OH WHY is there a difference in the law for Muslims and Jews. Are they above British law? Are they NOT British?
    Claims are made that the animals die almost instantly when their throats are cut which is complete rubbish. Squeals and thrashing is explained away as muscle spasms and as we cannot communicate with animals we cannot realistically prove otherwise.
    However, when a humans throat is cut, there is a good 5-10 seconds of the brain working in panic mode. The human knows what is going on and feels the pain and can be very vocal about it unless the voice box is severed, then all you have is whooshing sounds coming from the wind pipe. So there is NO WAY that is can be said that animals do not suffer when this is done to them, after all, at the end of the day we are all animals.( some more than others admittedly)

    I am no racist, bigot or hate spreader but the laws of our land being changed (or exceptions) to accommodate a select people/ group as in this case makes my blood boil.

    Unfortunately for the BNP they have the face of a fascist racist party, which is something they will never change, although people will start to sympathise with some of their beliefs as time goes on and society is changed to accommodate the minority. Reading through their requests and although you can detect the BNP undertone, they were not unreasonable, and would install a bit of pride in being British. After all, don’t the Americans swear allegiance to feel patriotic (among other reasons of course), is that supposed to be racist? What is wrong with flying the Union Flag, they could put it at half mast to mark respect for fallen ones at the appropriate time for all to see.

    I am ashamed to admit it, but I was overjoyed when Labour came into power as I believed they would be good for the county, how wrong I was? The only problem is that there is no other viable option for government at this present time, and with the chances of the Queen sacking the Government being just about nil, we are pretty stuffed.

    I sometimes wonder what would happen if those still serving in the forces were allowed to make their opinions heard as to what was happening to the country that they are defending. We seem to be the only ones who really have “Values and Standards” that we strictly adhere to. Then again, we would be ignored by the government just as Gen Jackson was the other week.

    Rant over.
    My apologies for the long rant.
  9. I am sure that I read somewhere that all Compo Rations are Halal. Perhaps someone can confirm / deny this....

    An interesting point with Hijabs. Most Service Stations will require the removal of crash helmets when paying. I as a biker do this, and would do it anyway as a matter of courtesy, because I consider it rude not to show my face to the person that I am dealing with, even though it is a major balls ache taking off gloves etc. The only time I keep my helmet on is when I pay at the pump. I would think it is only common courtesy to show your face. I would vote for a party that requires the removal of these items (Hijabs etc)

    And I have every album Luther Vandross ever rreleased ;-)
  10. Thanks, A_M. Very good points. The FAWC dosn't seem to be pushing their case as forcefully as it might, unfortunately, to tell from their 'news' pages. The worrying thing is that thousands of schoolkids might be eating ritually (ie cruelly) slaughtered meat as a result of their education authorities' forelock-tugging to the demands of 'community religious leaders' or somesuch.
  11. Iolis, I would doubt that my local concil offices have facial mapping technology within any CCTV system that they have. and surely facial mapping is done on a computer console after the piccy of my fizog has been taken regardless of the media used to take the picture.

    Guru I must admit, whilst at the council offices paying my council tax I, would take my bone dome off, not at any service station though
  12. I would agree with you only insofar as that social changes sometimes take decades, in extreme cases to become morally internalised and accepted as normal. An extreme example is homosexuality which following the Wolfenden Report, leading to the decriminalising of it under the 1961 Sexual Offences Act took place in a moral climate where homosexuality was considered deviant behaviour. Four decades later, it is no longer considered to be morally devient.

    If we translate this into social engineering by demonisation, dressed up and disguised as 'debate', using semantic terms such as 'good manners to show your face, which may become eventually internalised and socially accepted, although your local council may not yet be in possesson of facial mapping, the technology is developing at a rapid rate and in a society of total surveillance and control that will become Britain a decade from now, the process of social engineeing will have served it's purpose.

    An interesting book on this subject is required reading by students of Jurisprudence and Legal theory at all universities wrtten by the late Professor Herbert Hart, former professor of Jurisprudence entitled 'Concept of Law' who describes well this internalisation process when he describes law, morality and coercion as separate but related social phenomena and goes on to postulate that law or a legal system is a union of primary and secondary rules.

    Regards and best wishes to you
  13. I remember that you had to request a different rat pack,I considered putting down hindu as I like curry.
  14. Anyone fancy a Barbie in Trafalgar Square on the weekend?

    As it is not illegal, we will use fresh meat, killed (in the Square) in such a way that supports intergration amongst our friends from abroad.

    Two animals, one killed within the rules of Kosher and the other halal!

    I am sure that No10, Buck House, and the Police will support this!
  15. There was a report in the press today that some schools had been serving halal food for a number of months now without informing the parents, many of whom have complained at teh cruel way in which the animals are killed.