BNP Christmas Party ......

ViroBono said:
All DJs are black, surely, except for white ones for tropical use....
A man of style indeed VB, but I have nice royal blue crushed velver one. Wait, sorry I don't. I thought I was a septic for a second.
Sorry but had to add - from the story:

None of the BNP members told the DJ who his audience was - and kept their poisonous beliefs quiet during speeches.

Garner said: "We had to be careful what we said. What are you supposed to do? Tell him to clear off. It was very, very embarrassing." Among the guests at the £12 a head function were BNP London mayoral candidate Julian Leppert and Euro spokesman Chris Roberts.

BNP spokesman Phill Edwards said upset members chose to leave the party in central London instead of insulting the DJ. He sneered: "So what's the problem?"

Labour MP Martin Salter said: "Clearly the Christmas message of goodwill was missing."
pmsl :lol: :lol: One black man and all of them - only two walked out! They should not be with such a sh1t-fuelled party anyway. All mouth, definitely no trousers - they're all bollox before and still bollox now.

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