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BNP candidate in punch up with Asians

.......Some men earlier swore at leader Nick Griffin and threw fruit at him.!

"Ooohhh! What I'd give for someone to throw fruit at me......at least I'd get my five a day!"
"The candidate for Romford, Bob Bailey, was filmed shouting out to men in Ripple Road when one of them swore and spat at him and Mr Bailey punched him." Hahaha, wish my MP would knock a few people out.
ALVIN said:
If the young Asian had not spat in his face, this would never have happened.
"Ohh! What I wouldn't give to be spat at! Favouritism that's what I call it!"
Life of Brian.

However not aware of this aspect......I suspect most posters would not turn the other cheek....a good lamping would surely follow....no matter your politics. ( See the Good book of John - TB enterprises - "That's just John.")

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