BNP candidate and Asian man "clash"

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Faustic, May 5, 2010.

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  1. More like good drills for the Asian fellows, I woud happily gob on the BNP scumbag running for MP round here.
  2. Think so. He deserved that gobbing, at least.
  3. I couldn't hear the first bit properly actually but I assumed it was something to do with the fact the same men were causing a nuisance when Nick Griffin was around a few minutes earlier (says somewhere in the article).
  4. Just listened to it again - he said "How many is there of us" and points to his "crew"
  5. Heel to the head or what!
  6. BNP aren't having a good week.

    Marmite are suing them for using a jar in one of their ads.

    Their webmaster had a hissy fit and redirected their web site to his own site where he slags off Nick Griffin.

    Their fundraiser in chief wants Nick out due to wasting money and being incompetent.

    Looks like they're going the same way as extremists everywhere.
  7. Good drills the Asians. What right does BNP candidate have to demand they "get on your way" over and over again?

    From the accents, the Asians were more 'local' than he was!
  8. Just about sums the BNP up really, showing their true colours.
  9. Oi, you can't mention colour in front of the BNP :wink:
  10. The fact that they were squaring up to him like the chav mongtards they are is a suitable enough reason for me.
  11. Fair point.
  12. For walking along the Queen's Highway and trying to avoid a fight?

    And anybody else would have said what when confronted with threatening behaviour?

    So you've got to be BNP to react to assault? I didn't realise that Two Jags was a member of the BNP.

    C'mon, get a grip. Are you all so determined to prove that you're not racist that you feel that you have to condemn a natural reaction? In the same situation, wouldn't you have reacted the same way or condemned somebody who didn't?

    Try erasing "BNP" from your mind and watch the clip again, putting yourself in Bailey's position. You'd have turned and run a mile, wouldn't you? No? Hypocrites, then.
  13. You saw in the clip, them come over to the BNP, you saw one of them spitting into his face, They wanted trouble and they got it.
  14. Regardless of what was said before you spit in my face and I'd do the same.