BNP bosss letter to BBCs Director General

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stoatman, Apr 1, 2005.

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  1. I discovered this yesterday - whilst I may not agree with Nick Griffin or his party's politics [N.B. understatement], he does raise some valid points, particularly about the BBC's left/liberal bias, and how this infringes some parts of its charter:

  2. We only hear and see what the politicians and the BBC want us to hear and see. Nanny state comes to mind 8O
  3. Speaking as someone who has lived, and now works in one of the boroughs of London to which Griffin refers, I must say he's right. It does seem that local councils and the left of centre media are determined to ignore anti-white racism......oh and EastEnders is sh*t!

    interesting reference to human rights act and TV licence too,
  4. He's right about one thing. As a legitimate party they should be entitled to the same platform as the other parties, no matter how many people (myself included) think they stink.

    Edited...he refuses to buy a TV licence as he doesn't watch the BBC. How then, is he so familiar with the plot of Eastenders? Endorsing lawbreaking is just playing into the hands of the Beeb, who will no doubt enjoy seeing him banged up (which can happen) over non-payment.

    He's not too bright is he?
  5. Bright enough to realise that if the Beeb do try to get him done then they will have inadvertantly given him a platform on which to make his case.
  6. One Million votes for the BNP last year? How many councillors did they get in again?

    This is the same individual who referred to Pte. Beharry's VC as 'A political award"
  7. He's an evil little cnut. If you want to agree with him on something, I suggest you write something to the beeb yourself. Far better to say "I wrote this letter" than "I agree with a letter by Nazi Nick Griffin".

    The BBC is, and hopefully always will be, independent. It's an institution hated by both left and right, because it refuses to affaliate itself with one side. Sure, its reporters may be left-leaning, so don't you apply to work there yourself?
    Sure, it hasn't a clue about the military, but neither do Fox News or Sky. They just tell us what we want to hear. I'm sick of the left V right shite I get over here in the States. We're creating ridiculous conflicts because we don't have any real ones.

    Nick Griffin's a white supremacist, clear and simple. Almost all Britons find him revolting. I'm white, proud to be British, and would never let a creature like that sully my reputation.

    If we need to quote from letters written by the BNP, it's obvious we're not exercising our democratic right to let large institutions know our opinions. Hiding behind others to represent your views means is tantamount to handing over these democratic rights. Don't complain about a nanny state if you need someone else to speak for you.
  8. Just when you think that the scumbag can't go any lower, he manages to do so! :evil:

    Would Mr Griffin repeatedly put his life on the line to save anyone? I think not.
  9. The same allegation was made following the VCs awarded for Rorkes Drift - i.e. to take peoples minds off Isleandawa (or however it is spelled)
  10. I totally agree cheesypoptart, I have written to the BBC on various issues, also to my MP (sure that did a lot of good) but just cos you hate the wee cnut doesn't mean some of his points aren't valid! The Left v Right thing tends to cloud people judgement as to what's common sense and what's bo**ox.

    Until people start to put common sense before politics and political correctness, pr*cks like Griffin will continue to gain support, wrong as it may be. :wink:
  11. As much as I hate to say so, I agree with some of the points that Griffin makes. In essence, as a largely publicly funded institution, I do not believe that the BBC is entitled to have an editorial bias against the BNP. It quite evidently does have this.

    In the real world I am something of an historian of British Fascism and I would observe that Fascist/Nationalist parties have done best in this country when their policies have been obscured; either by being ignored, or by being misrepresented and abused by their political opponents. I am confident that most British voters have the wit to see through the BNP's garbage and they will never be elected outisde a few pockets of ethnic tension, but I am equally sure that those who choose to vote for them have the right to do so in this democracy without being abused by the state's broadcaster.
  12. I think Awol and CP are right. This is the bit that makes me hugely uncomfortable about socialist-dominated 21st Century European politics. At what point does a party or a candidate become illegitimate and who decides? I am not saying that this is impossible to define just that I don't remember there being any kind of a debate, vote or internationally accepted definition of political legitimacy.

    Jurg Heider (y'know, that other Austrian bloke) won an election in 2000 only to be told by other European politicians that this wasn't acceptable because he held some offensive views. If he was deemed too 'out there' to win, how come he was allowed to stand in the first place?

    Jean Marie Le Pen's share of the vote in France has rocketed from less than 1 per cent to over 17 per cent in about ten years (so Google tells me). Can such a large percentage of the voting population be 'disallowed' without undermining the very core of the democratic process?

    Who gave the BBC (or any one of the small handful of unelected news editors out there) the right to deny the 'oxygen of publicity' to a political party? When Maggie did that to PIRA in the eighties she was roundly condemned for it but it would seem that the same journalists are perpetrating the same policy by stealth in the case of the BNP.

    I must make it clear at this stage that I pose this as a purely apolitical question. I would not vote for the BNP if my life depended on it but I do find the idea of pre-digested news abhorrent. 1984 anyone?

    But on the other hand, Awol, you only need a licence to own a TV, not to watch one. He could easily have access to a TV in the BNP offices.
  13. Of course. But he's openly stating in his letter that he has no intention of buying a licence even though he has a TV. What can happen next? Either he gets ignored by the authorities (shouts of outrage from licence payers, demands for action) or he gets prosecuted. If he gets prosecuted then he either backs down at some point in a blaze of publicity (humiliating for him) or it goes to the wire and he gets fined etc, refuses to pay, ends up in nick. That will certainly make him a martyr among .5% of the country but there will big smug smiles all round at the BBC. He very publicly loses either way.
  14. Well, okay.
    But take a look at this.

    I particularly like the idea of the last bit about providing an address at point of purchase. :D
  15. Nick Griffin is a slimy little toad.

    The BCC gets accusations of bias from left and right, sounds like a pretty good endorsment of balance to me. It's not like hard-line Republicans ever accuse Fox of liberalism, or Socialists ever accuse the Guardian of conservative bias.

    I'd take the BBC over any British or American news station.