BNP Bids To Hijack Poppy Day

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by oldbaldy, Nov 4, 2007.

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  1. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    They will try anything!
  2. if only the other political parties were so quick to volunteer. As long as they are just selling poppies and not identifying themselves as bnp whilst collecting i don't see the problem.

    And no i don't support BNP
  3. If they volunteer to sell poppies and just sell poppies good on them .
    Otherwise do one .
  4. The other parties are only p*ssed off because they didn't think of it or couldn't get any volunteers.
  5. I think we are kind of missing the fucking point here aren't we?

    Where will YOU be over the course of the next week? Have you gone along to the local RBL and begged for a poppy box and a collection tin? Where will you be next day off (if it falls between now and Remembrance Sunday)?

    If you aren't on tour and you aren't on ex then hang your head in shame.

    The BNP is attempting to hijack the memory of every veteran that has been remembered since the inception of this day. All because there aren't enough volunteers. You hypocrites.

    And before you start I have arranged my box, got permission from my Colonel and will be in Uniform with medals selling as many as I can next Saturday in my home village, and I will have travelled back from Germany to do it.

    Before I get the "I tried to get a box from the British Legion" winges, where is the famed initiative of the British soldier? Keep fucking trying.

    If this post applies to you then take a long hard look at yourself, and how many RIP threads you have posted on. Could it be true that they are just words?

    If it doesn't apply to you I apologise now.

    Rant off.

  6. Mon yursel bawheid!!! :D
  7. The fear being that if the Poppy Appeal becomes associated with those types joining the ranks, could it tarnish the image of this fine institution? Deter good people from joining because of this element?

    Not to mention that they must only be selling Poppies to remember white veterans and not any other soldier and that many of those remembered died fighting fascism and the thoughts and beliefs that the BNP hold dear.

    A shortage of volunteers is of course a problem, but do you really want to politicise the appeal with fascist elements?

    Typical of their tactics, but it should be stamped out before it takes hold, otherwise a lack of volunteers will be the least of RBL's problems.
  8. The irony of it is that WWII was fought AGAINST them.
  9. On the 11th, I will be mainly doing some marching with some (more than 5 and less than 7) medals on, wearing my poppy with pride, and dusty eyes.

    I don't know which poppy to wear though. I've only got 3 at the moment. None of them were sold to me by the BNP, unless the blerk outside the shopping centre in Cambridge counts, and he was TA and had medals and was at least 70.

    Bugger, I forgot the one in my beret.
  10. quote:
    The memo states: "We should be at the front of the queue volunteering to do our bit as we understand better than most the patriotic sacrifice made by those serving and ex-service men and women."

    will they understand the sacrifices of all soldiers including commonwealth, and those who don't fit there ideals of what is british!! would they recognise the sacrifices of soldiers such as Jonnson Beharry vc?
  11. A damned sight more than the likes of those politicians who will no doubt be posing for the cameras at The Cenotaph this weekend before they carry on ignoring the military covenant.

    As long as its done non politically and recognises the sacrifices of ALL soldiers then they should be applauded and not condemned.

    Have you ever stopped to consider that those politicians criticising them and attempting to make political capital from this situation have probably never helped with a collection in their life?
  12. What so the BNP can wrap themselves in the Union Flag (or indeed the St Andrews Cross) and call themselves better patriots? The Union flag belongs to moderately minded, generally law abiding people, not extreme bigots like Griffin and his ilk.

    Sorry Cad, I know you have leanings that agree with some of the BNP's policies but have you gone blind?

    This is the BNP we are talking about. Forced repatriation, Racist and Homophobic policies etc. The whole shebang is political Cad, and to suggest otherwise is blinkered in the extreme.

    I find it insulting that the BNP could even be associated with such an august establishment as the RBL.

    Let me put it this way. Here I am, Abdul Razzaq, 23 Years old born in the Gorbals with parents that have run their own business and now retired. I get up and go into the St Enoch Centre on Saturday morning and spot a poppy seller. I want one as my Grandad fought with the Indian Army during the Burma Campaign. The seller is not too old, lets say forty ish, no medals on, just stood there engaging in a bit of banter with the passers by.

    But I have read the article above. So I walk on by. He MIGHT be from the BNP.

    THAT is the overall aim of the BNP with this move. They could not give two hoots for the poppy appeal IMHO. No doubt we will see a "study" or research" in the near future that shows the Brahn peepul of this great nation are less patriotic than the Anglo Saxon.

    As far as your point about other pollies is concerned I couldn't agree more. I think it is about time the House had a few more Honourable and Gallant members - don't you?
  13. I'd rather buy one of them than a Labour Party member...
  14. They would have been interned in WWII.

  15. Definitely agree with your last sentence!!

    I repeat my statement about it being non political. Providing the BNP members are selling them as private individuals without attempting to link the RBL appeal to them then I have no problem.

    I also repeat my statement about those who ARE making a political issue out of this. Do you think their motives are pure? Don't you think by raising this they themselves are guilty of hijacking the RBL appeal for their own nefarious ends?

    Remembrance is above politics, we remember all those brave troops and civilians who have given their lives in the service of our country irrespective of their race or beliefs.

    I wholeheartedly condemn anyone who would take advantage of Poppy Day and that includes those tossers who sell white poppies.