BndCpl Shuggie McGleish - Fund raiser!

Band Corporal Shuggie McGleish is doing a 1200 miles John O'Groats to Land's End partially supported Sponsored walk in aid of the Dame Hannah Rogers School and the Royal Navy Benevolent Trust on Friday 4th August and finishing on 1st of October 2006 at Land's End.

He will be covering 25 miles per day for six days a week with one rest day. He will be carrying all of his own kit on his back (this weighs 25Kg or 4 stone in old money) throughout the duration of this walk. He will be sleeping wherever he ends up and not lording it in some hotel... wherever he ends the 25 miles will be home for the night!

He aims to raise in excess of £5500 and will continue to collect right up until late December.

Should you wish to sponsor him please send a cheque made payable to 'End to End Walk DHRS and RNBF Appeal" and send it to:

Cpl I McGleish
Band of HM Royal Marines Portsmouth
Eastney Block
HMS Nelson
Queen Street

A mobile phone number will be posted here shortly so you can send Shuggie text messages of support.

His predicted itinery will be placed here as soon as we have it so you can go along and support him should you choose to do so.

For more info please visit here.
Don't all jump at once :lol: Shuggie is held up high by every one, a good mate and a great drinking bud! It's a worthy cause peeps xx
Having just cycled from John o'Groats to Lands End raising money for Combat Stress, I hope you will forgive my post as I am hoping to give you a little advice to make your fundraising a little easier.

I advertised my bike ride as much as possible through various posts on different arrse sites. I had different threads running and explained very clearly what I was doing and for who.

There will always be tiny group of individuals who will see the challenge you are undertaking for what it is, and will support your cause. Those individuals did sponsor me, the very first amount to kick me off infact came from this site. However on the whole the arrse sites are notoriously bad for receiving sponsorship.

I think if you are to make the best use of this site you should ask for more specific stuff. Ask if anyone knows any B&B's you can stay in, or if they know of any food shops en route who can give you scoff. I strongly believe that you will receive more support if you ask for things which make people feel a part fo what you are doing, rather than simply handing out money which the readers of these sites don't tend to do.

I was, in all honesty, heartbroken that so few people from a site whose readers should all have an affinity with my chosen charity, sponsored me. On my return, when I did feel I had achieved something, one bright young TA officer accused me of interfering with the Army way of life??!!

I do totally understand that a vast percentage of people here do already give and do much for many charities, so I hope this thread wil not be inundated with comments about how I should be more understanding etc etc, I am writing it merely to give you some support, and you must take it or leave it as you will. A better way to raise money will be to identify any events, concerts, anything which is directly linked to your cause and then hook up with them.

And if anyone gets clever and asks, no I will not be sponsoring Shuggie myself as I have just spent nearly 800 pounds of my own money making this bike ride happen, so am a little skint at the moment!

Hope this is read in the way I want it to be, I am not having a go at anyone, and just don't want Shuggie to waste his time thinking his post will rake in vast sums of could always prove me worng fellas! ;-)

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