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I am doing a presentation on the key Bn Staff. I know what most of them do, but can't find a document which specifies exactly what are the responsibilities of the Bn 2IC. Could anyone help, either with a reference, or PM me a job description?

Many thanks

Bn 2IC responsibilities? Everything that's important enough to need doing, but not interesting enough for the CO to want to do.

The Bn 2 i/c must ensure, above all else, that he (or she) doesn't leave the office and go home before the CO does.
Endless waiting around til the boss cops a live one on ops, then does his job until MoD send out a more competent replacement!
Nurses huge chip on shoulder because, deep down, he knows that if he'd tried just that little bit harder...
Oversees trg and sy with whatever else the CO can't be doing with as far as I remember!
For thrusty(ish) chaps it's the DE version of LE Families Officer purgatory... you know its a sh*t, thankless job but you hope to do well and get promoted into a better job.

For the more ageing and 'jewish' majors, see dragstrip's comment above!!!
Easily the most thankless task ever. I had no idea what this job entailed - really - until I actually had to do it.

Bizarrely, I wouldn't mind another crack at it...good fun if very long hours.
Hi Brandt,

Sorry, I've been meaning to add something (spent 2.5 years as a Bn 2IC) but have been off the net for a while. Hope the following's useful:

The 2IC is usually mid-late 30s. Usually they've been a successful (not necessarily spectacular) sub-unit commander and will have done at least one SO2 job, maybe 2. They may be 'psc' but not always and probably have a realistic expectation of Lt Col or of going on to ACSC/a more high profile job - there seem to be far fewer of the passed over, ageing Majs left these days.

On Ops - runs BG Main or Bn HQ working closely with the Ops Offr and Adjt and acts as the key contact for Bde and the desk officers at Div. Key member of the Bn planning team, especially for arrival and departure of the unit from theatre. Depending on the op, will also pick up the lead for the less sexy stuff (quick impact projects, etc). Expect long, long hours :roll: .

In Barracks - If the Bde is any good, the 2IC will be a member of the 'Crown Club' run by the Bde COS and DCOS. Much of the Bde's functioning is run from here. The 2IC will also be responsible for a raft of routine stuff - Unit Eqpt Manager, Senior Fund Manager, etc but his/her main focus will be training planning and setting the conditions for Coy Comds to lead and train their sub-units. Oh, and everything the CO doesn't fancy doing!

Bn 2IC can be the best job you'll ever do or a waking nightmare - it all depends on the CO.


The 2i/c? He's the bloke that successfully organises the rest of the battle after the CO has died in a VC winning-grandstand-bringing-to-their-feet-morale-boosting direct assault, winning a DSO himself...

Or PMC...
Not really on thread, but does anyone know if 2ics go on to command these days? I had two COs who had been 2ic, one went on to two star. Is this possible these days?
The 2IC is the commanding officer's conscience and the company commanders shop steward.



Many thanks for the info- much appreciated.

What I am really after is a reference to an Army publication that specifies all of this. I have found the 2ICon ops/ BG COS part in AFM Battlegroup Tactics, but nothing about the in-barracks bit. Probably doesn't exist.


I don't know if my Bn is typical, but I am finding it hard to think of any recent Commanding Officers who haven't been Bn 2IC. I think that it provides an important second (post- sub unit comd) opportunity to gain command OJARs.
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