BMWs are shit.

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by SauceDoctor, Jul 1, 2013.

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  1. 2004 320d, full service history, 90k miles. Last year I put a new airflow meter and 4 injectors in it, a **** of a job. Now, the turbo has shat itself in spectacular fashion. I hasten to add that the car is not mine (thankfully). Here is the offender:


    This thing was just thrown together. What really pisses me off is that someone at BMW has signed this shitbox off. "Aye, that'll do rightly." (in German)

    The turbo is a right bastard to get off, too. Half the bloody engine has to come off.


    You can just about see it here:


    Couple of pints of oil in the intercooler too:


    Utter, utter, utter shit. Badly designed shit, too. If you buy one of these cars and it blows up, you deserve everything you get.

    Rant over. Feel better now.
  2. Thats why I like Landrovers (before they were sold off) and my Vauxhall Vectra. My old Vectra looks good and is still plodding along (although it is in need of a service at the moment cos something was squeaking on the way back from Croat land).
  3. We love Land Rovers here in N.I. Great for knocking down Fenians. Back in my U.D.R. days, I used a 3.5 'Rover to smack up a burning barricade. Faugh a ballagh, literally. I got told off...
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  4. On my BMW 320 cd, 05 Plate the engine light keeps comming on and then going off for no reason. The book says that the engine emissions exceed the manufacturers recommended limits. It still passes its MOT though. Plus the garage cant find anything wrong with it. Is this a German con to spend more money or BMW's i vonder. Any ideas anyone
  5. That engine was used in the Rover 75 but developed about 15 bhp less 85 instead of100 bhp, it lasts alot longer in the Rover
  6. My old 2001 320D was one of my best owned cars, went like shot off a shovel & only when left with a garage to MOT was things messed up (tester was ex REME ffs).

    Probably only used to landys...

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  7. I've had several BMWs in my time, I'm on my fourth now. I've never had a TDI though. All of them have been high mileage and pretty much bomb- proof (not literally). My first was a C plate 320i, I sold it at 165k miles, it's still on the road at 220k miles (last time I saw it). That was followed by another E30 and two E46.
    I have no problems with them as a brand. I find them well designed and easy to maintain.
  8. Are you on crack? This heap of SHIT is WILFULLY badly designed. There's 3 recessed bolts that hold the turbo on to the manifold, and they require a 12 sider, and aren't made from ferrous metal, so you can't use a magnet to get the recessed bolts out.

    I've changed the turbo on an Escort RS Cosworth for an ex girlfriend. Easy. I've done the turbo on a W221 Merc S Class. Fiddly, but do-able. The BMW is just utter shit.

    **** BMW the Nazi bastards, and **** the horse they rode in on. And they fucked Rover.
  9. A total bastard and would be a royal pain in the hole unless you worked on BMWs a lot or had the proper 'manufacturer-approved' (complete with ginormous price tag) tools and even then no quick-fix job. Which means those nice men at the BMW centre will take a while to sort it too and I imagine BMW will be like Merc and charge you an arm and a leg for labour.

    Like Apple, designed to break and cost a bomb to fix.
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  10. Yeah, I've had a 320d like that. I agree with all that you said, they're utterly terrible and I can't believe BMW put these engines in their cars. Mine went into a garage intact with a smoking problem and never left in one piece.
  11. most modern TDI's are utter bastards to work on since the emission kit bolted to the engine is almost as big as the engine itself .
    Variable vane turbos = It WILL fail and then need a new intercooler too.
    DPF's WILL block.... the list could go on ... EGR valves anyone ?
    It's only going to get worse as the Euro Nazis insist on stupid emission levels and ignore industry as a cause of pollution.
    CAD design and worrying more about production ease than ease of repair are the main culprits , what ever happened to the simple nut and bolt ? I find I'm spending ever more money to be able to undo the ever increasing amount of new fastners they come up with , 18mm , 16mm nuts now too , it's a conspiracy I tell you .
  12. Totally agree with your grimbo, having worked with Audi for the last 9years... Glad I don't need to fix those anymore!
  13. That's because Rover's engineers said "**** off, we're having none of this swirl flaps bollocks" And it was 131 vs 150 BHP.
  14. [​IMG]

    Nuff said.
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