BMW R1200GS - holy moly!

Just got one of these from my local bmw dealer. 2005, 8,000 miles, £6,800 - what an amazing machine! :D :D :D I flogged the Busa and Zx9 and looked to get a K1200LT but I need to get into the City so I thought I'd finally give the GS a fo and it's flippin' amazing. Telelever, ABS the whole bit just works incredibly. Only downer is incredible buffeting at 80 and the indicators don't work (they're fixing it on Monday). Still, what a bike. Anyone else got one of these behemoths? Anything I should look out for?
I have an earlier 1100 with ABS (3rd one!), still great, there are some good websites, err..



you can also buy replacement screens to stop wind buffeting, IIRC its called a tobernator or similar. As I have a Touratech equiped bike I don't need one :D
trickywoo said:
Anything I should look out for?
The Rover 75 parked on your driveway (the one with the tartan rug on the parcel shelf) Your colostomy bag overflowing? Losing your pension book on the way to the Post Office?
Watch out. Your beard might get caught in your flask top and bring you off.
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