BMW 120d or Audi a3 tdi?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Taylor15, May 30, 2012.

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  1. I'm looking to get a slightly more upper class hatchback compared to my current golf gt tdi mk5, obviously a 120d or a3.
    Got around 6.5k to spend.
    Any thoughts or advice will be appreciated.
  2. Do you need the diesel for emissions/tax, or do you do more than 15k (motorway) miles per year.

    If not I'd got with a petrol, the 120D I had as a hire car a while back was a pain on fast A roads, whereas the 120i was a peach of a car. Can't comment on the A3, but I've always prefered rwd.

    Check the comparable specs though, the 120D had strange windey things you had to turn to move the rear windows up and down.
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  3. I wanted one for all of those reasons you gave above. 120i does sound good tho, but strangely the diesel has more power, much needed to burn off the Chav racers when I'm bored. The diesel also holds value a little better than the petrol.
  4. As an Audi driver (petrol) I would recommend the Beemer, VAG diesels are rarely as economical as advertised whereas the BMW is pretty good by all accounts. Also you'll provide amusement for other drivers in the winter negotiating icy roads in your rear wheel drive 'ultimate driving machine' :D
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  5. That's a bold statement for an Audi owner. From the small amount of info I already have, i'm going to spend my pocket money and get the BMW.
    Thanks all
  6. Have a look here for real world MPG's You will see the quoted figures are sometimes a bit of a dream, especially on the "eco cars". I have a Volco C30 Drive which is quoted at 74mpg. I average 51 and Honst John has it at 52.

    Real MPG | Honest John

    BMW120i 36.6mpg
    120d 50mpg

    Audi A3 1.6 TDi 57.1mpg
    2.0 TDi 48.4mpg
    2.0 TDi 140ps 51.2mpg
  7. To be quite frank, I was expecting around 50mpg. Does the c30 have 5 door model?
  8. The clue is in the name ;) C stands for Coupe ;), so only 3 doors :)

    Lovely car, better put together than Audi or BMW (in my opinion that is) but let down by the engine. Funnily, the standard 1.6 Diesel is pretty good and the 2.0 diesel is great.
  9. Well I sure walked right into that one.
  10. The best quality ingredients go into Audi. BMW save money where you can't see.
  11. lol...well you were not the only person asking for a 5 door version, so, they have decided to drop it later this year along with the S40 (S meaning saloon ;) ) and V50 and are bringing in a V40 instead. This will be a 5 door hatch, although V normally stands for errrm..Estate!

  12. "BMW save money where you can't see". That's hard to believe. Do you have any credible information that proves your statement?
  13. Not driven the Audi but drove some 120ds back in 2008 and thought the 1.9tdi and 2L tdi Golfs were better especially given the money difference
  14. I put 90k in two years on an Audi A6 - the bushes in the alternator failed once,
    I put 35k in a year on a 525 - Front suspension spring went, two coils blew, and the rear bearings went.

    Both were 8 year old cars with about 100k on the clock.

    Far from proof but I'd agree with the poster.

    That said, I always enjoyed driving the Bimmer far more, but the Audi did feel better screwed together with better materials.
  15. Having driven both I'd go for the Audi, the 1 series Beemer is a dog to drive (ultimate driving machine my arrse). The rear view is so pish you might as well be in a transit. More importantly I can't recall it having a cup holder either, either way it's your cash.