BMIS finally finishes acceptance trials.

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by mad_mick, Dec 1, 2009.

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  1. Good news everybody, BMIS Mk 2, has finally been given the go ahead after several years of setbacks, it is envisaged that the equipment will be deployed in the same location as the trials version, near the T 100 teleprinter in Comcen command, we are still awaiting finalisation of the decision to make Chl 4 on the TTVF's dedicated so warn off the techs on that one.

    The awaited fleet Mod of the BID 200 Mux to enable data to be sent on chl 5 after successful trials with 2 Div is still on hold due to fiscal difficulties, but we still have high hopes that Wavell will be seen as a major step forward in "in the field" data management. Plans to extend the database beyond 3rd Shock Army have been cancelled as an "unneccesary requirement".

    DICS is still suffering major setbacks and probably will not be ready for the third gulf war, but as a temporary measure, the MOD have quickly managed to procure from India 923 yogurt cups and 3 kilometres of string. This will partially replace the existing cups and string from 91, but a Trials panel at Siemens/Plessey with a budget of £23 Mill has just been established to consider a more permanent solution. They are expected to report back at the earliest in 2032.
  2. Have they got the Mufax and the 40/160 accepted yet?

    And are Dii planning to give everyone a computer disguised as a box file?
  3. Mufax has been sidelined due to Zerox's planned "paperless office" concept and the 40/160 expansion is currently on hold due to a sudden requirement to make it "Coffee, Nato" proof. But we are thinking of bring in a third colour, black and red are "environmentally challenging".
  4. BMIS. Now there's a flashback. Running up the ridge to get a dump tape off Commcen Sierra.
    There was a Relay Op in my troop at 21 called BMIS, because he seemed to fcuking well know EVERYTHING.
    Happy days.

    Has the 1+4 been taken into service yet?
  5. I heard there's also a 3G BPO 250 trial ongoing. Is this true?
  6. Does your phone do this?

  7. Yes, but we intend to keep the "tapping into a civilian household line at 3 in the morning" feature available.
  8. And the "here, just hold these wires" facility too I hope?
  9. Yes Paul, but they've painted it a different colour, but remember, valve equipment is more EMP proof and starts quicker than Vista.
  10. Survivability isn't something that should be mocked.

    Now, where was that RFA 13 that I was speccing?
  11. Definalty!! we like a positive response to all in-built test facilities.
  12. Yes we think the "HOT BOX" is one of our crowning glories, the side effect of knocking out international airports on High power was an unexpected plus.
  13. Those were the days.

    Anybody else ever have to drill the lock of the front of a 200 register after losing the key.

  14. No but I regularly used to drop the fcukers on my foot.
  15. Lost the key, how can you drill a lock from a cell after a free helicopter ride?