6 ft. 4 and 3/4
13.6 stone
16 years old

My BMI is 21.1% - Overfat! Can this stop me getting in, and what should I do?

It's muscle by the way.
BMI of 21ish is healthy no probs there at all. Between 20 and 25 is normal I believe. I think you have to be over 30 before the army tell you "**** off fatty".

I'm 5' 11" and 14 stone due to lots of weights through university. I'll probably be down to 13.5 st by January but there wasn't a problem when I did the AOSB.
CharlieBubbles said:
Many of the England RU team IF you follow the BMI are over weight, are they unfit?
Point taken but I think if you are posting on arsse saying "my BMI is like, 64 wil I be like, not allowed to do selection or wot? (ps itz mostly mussel honest!)" then you are probably not at the same level of fitness as the England Rugby Team.

Personally I don't care what my BMI is, as it has been proven that it is ONLY a guide and there are better ways to prove weight and fitness to do a certian job, both under pressure and in the long term.
The Mod (RE) brought a test in in 73 when I was with 5 Fld before an Ireland tour, it was gym based and checked both your recovery rate, which is one of the bst guides and your agility / strenght, it seem to work very well.

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