Wonder if anyone can help me... I am in the process of selection for the TA Int Corps. I work in the Defence Industry and have just completed a Masters in Terrorism and International Relations so it seemed the obvious choice despite having previously been wooed by the Regular RA. Anyways, I am working with a Personal Trainer to get my fitness up to scratch again and can almost do the Infantry run time of 12:45 and I know the Int Corps' cut off time is 14 mins + an assault course. Now i'm not too worried about the phys side of things but because I am developing muscle mass i'm not losing as much weight as I would like (am dropping clothes sizes but staying the same weight) and am worried that my BMI will fail me on my medical (prior to selection lets go for a run weekend) as it is not always taken into account. Anyone know how they work this out or how strict they are on BMI's?
Do you know what your BMI is? Healthy range is 20-25. You can work it out by dividing your weight (kg) by your height (m) squared.

If you aren't a bodybuilding beefcake, then this is an accurate guide to a good healthy weight. I don't know how strict they will be regarding it, but the army as a whole tend to be fairly rigid about body weight on entry.

It can't hurt to just to make sure your BMI is 20-25.

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