I had a look at an NHS site today that calculated my BMI. I'm 183 cm, and according to this site the upper limit for my weight should be 83 kg. I'm over this, and although I'll admit I have a couple of kilos to burn (which I'm working on at the moment), I don't believe 83 kg to be a realistic upper weight limit for my height.

What's the general concensus on the BMI? Good reference or utter b0llocks?
There are a few opinions in this running thread: BMI

Myself, being trim but not exactly 'well built' means that the BMI places me on the fatty/stick-insect scale exactly where I should be. For muscular people it does seem to give misleading results.
Its absolute W*nk! its calcualtion that some one made one day probably our of there arrse! takes no account of what your general mass is made of & as u say can give misleading info reagarding those with lots of lean muscle mass & their weight. they could be classed as a fatty even thought they are a meat head.....
It is a good indicator of health for the general population (NHS slave here) as most people don't hit the gym every day to 'pump their guns'. So for most people in the street, if their BMI is in the healthy range (20-25) then they'll have a good balance of fat/muscle. Obviously there is a lot of individual variation with regards to body composition, those of us who do a lot of weights will be over 25 and thus be 'unhealthy'. You need to take other factors into account here, such as percentage body fat.

I'm 183cm and 80kg, I can run fairly fast, lift my own bodyweight easily (plus belt kit) and can tab for ages with a hefty bergen. I don't really see the point in being able to bench sh!tloads and hence having a higher BMI, but that's just me.

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