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  1. I looked to try and find something about this but couldn't find anything.


    I went in to put my application in a few week back. and was told to lose a bit of weight. so that my BMI will be below 29.

    Given I was a bit chubby, but since losing almost 7kilo i have started to gain a bit of weight. but am still above the set target weight.

    My main question is, do they account for muscle mass in your weight. because i am quite muscular.

    I've been checking on these scales that measure your body fat and muscle mass.

    and my fat has gone way down and muscle mass gone way up.

    I am fit and can do short and long distance runs in a good timed manner.

    I'm just curious as to will the weight from putting muscle on cause me issues.

    Thanks in advance,
  2. i was fat when i started my app with army and was told to loose weight for mine
    Lost 4kg by time i got weighed again and was still overweight on bmi scale but was still sent for selection as i had shown an improvement

    i think as long as youve lost weight since your last visit to office you are showing commitment

    edit: i was 16 1/2 stone when i started and im down to slightly over 13 stone now
  3. cheers man. i've lost 7kilo and am now 92 kilo. like over weight by like 3 kilo, and its hard as f to lose haha
  4. run, run and run some more ps stay away from the black pudding stall on the market :p

    I went from 92 at the afco to 83 fairly quickly.
  5. Its not to hard, I lost 14 kilos in 4 Months. Went from 106 to 94. Mum did that slimming world a while ago so she still had the books, I went on that and with my exercise program lost it in no time. Am still on it now because its a good way to keep eating healthily.
  6. i still need to lose bout 10kg, but ive lost bout 3 stone since i started (i was a proper fatty lol)
    anyways, my recruiter said that anything below 28 and your fine, but if your round 29/30 it will depend hu does your medical and you could get deferred, ubless you look really muscly theyre gonna want to see a bmi of 28 :) good luck
  7. my bmi is 28.4 do you reckon its worth me going into my careers office
  8. i go in fortnightly lol, but myt be worth it, they may tell you to lose a bit just to be on the safe side
  9. If your BMI is too high but you are muscular, they will take a waist measurement, you have to be under something like 38 inches.
  10. You will be popular amongst your fellow fans then brother, what with singing songs about killing British soldiers and all.
  11. Why is the Army pushing the BMI all of a sudden, its been proven as a poor indicator of type of obesity. it just states you are fat from a survey in the early 1900s by a dodgy belgian quack. I was told I was obese, went to a specialist and he laughed as my muscle mass is what is pushing me over. Even on the scanner there was little internal fat, resting heart rate of 60 normal blood pressure and 300 on the score for PFT.

    I dont even like pies,

    BMI is a load of bollocks
  12. Its a good indicator, if its used with a little common sense. As a recruiter you can see for yourself if someone is overweight from lard or muscle.
    It also allows you to tell the Fat lads to drop some weight, without stepping into a mine field of PC/Non PC wording!
  13. Good point, forgot that the little darlings these days have to be PC mollified, I respect your job as a recruiter, must be the hardest job here.
    Ignore my rant about the BMI as I had a argument which I won with the MO about it.

    Thanks for straightening that one out,