Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by ashleydodds, Jan 29, 2010.

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  1. I only just got told today that your BMI has to be below 27 just to do the BARB test to join the army! Otherwise the ACO told us it was a waste of time them spending their money and time on you if your just going to fail, luckly mines 25 :D
  2. Fuck me ragged.
  3. I just got told today it's Friday,did anybody else get told this?
  4. Shit! I should be at work. I thought it was Saturday! 8O
  5. I thought this was flight information!
  6. Id "BMI over 27" the PC way of telling some one they are a fat pie muncher?
  7. I resemble that remark
  8. I got told I was 17 stone. Kept my mouth shut, fcuked off too Boots to get my own weight, phoned up and informed them their scales were fcuked. Turned out I was 15 stone.
  9. So do I.
    I developed a very fast pie arm over Christmas and need to burn the fat off. :(
  10. No excuse, if you look like you're built like a brick shithouse BMI will be overlooked a fair amount.
    If you look like a right porker, it's obvious where all the pies are being held and you'll get a bollocking.
  11. True. Mine was overlooked when my BMI had me down as very obese even though my bodyfat percentage was 11% just after a recent competition.
  12. on main armyjobs it states its 32 ?

    but this new (Army BMI) is completely different to the civi version, loads of peeps who are overwieght on civi are obese on army one ?
  13. We have to do this in units now as a matter of course!! Gym Bunnies running around mouthing off over high BMI's, but this is not a good way of proving fitness!! My BMI is 26 which is classed as overweight!! but i can pass my PFA easily enough in the high 200's and can tab for Britain! Also Chief Gym Queen soon lost the look on his face when he stepped up for his..... he has a BMI of 28, however he is 6'4 muscle freak who runs a 8.30 PFA!! Crap test!!
  14. Probably because civvies are mostly fat waster cunts? What's normal for them is fecking dire in reality.
  15. yeah but age isnt a factor on the army one as well