BMI to join TA?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by jase31, Jan 16, 2008.

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  1. Anyone know what the BMI limits are on applying to the TA?

    I am 1m78 and weigh about 100kg. The Online Careers site on the army website reckons I cannot apply unless I am less than 84kg. - no exceptions.

    This would be a BMI of 26.5.

    Admittadily I do need to drop a bit of weight, but I am currently around 20% bodyfat, that is just about in the "normal" range.

    I recknon I can drop 5kg - but there is no way I will ever be 84kg!

    Does the army not accept a medical, with fitness and/or bodyfat assesment, and rely entirly on BMI?
  2. *AHEM* when I joined I weighed 21st and am 6ft2" so BMI would have been 38 or thereabouts. Dr just said if anyone asks you've put weight on..... quickly. Don't worry too much about it just get yourself down there but be prepared to work on your weight and fitness. I lost 6st from being in the TA.
  3. Go down to your TAC and have a chat with them. When you start doing some training you'll lose some of the extra weight anyway. Cut out the beer and pies and get in the running and press ups.
  4. We've had some right short little fat things join in recent years, so you should be OK. As usual the advice (as mentioned above) is to go to the unit(s) you want to join and ask them.

    Common sense would say that if you can pass the tests then your BMI is irrelivant.
  5. Your BMI can be waived but you need to get down to your local TA unit for them to assess you. So ^^^^^ is Correct.

    If I was you Jase 31 I would make an appointment to visit your local TA centre and discuss with them.

    You'll find your trainers by your shell suit chubby :roll:
  6. Isn’t that a requirement for REME? :D
  7. Maximum BMI to join the TA is 30, 31 and they can take you "on Risk". I attended the medical recently, so that's how I know
  8. I have just spoke to one of the Online Careers guys. and i asked them, is there a BMI limit and he said and he said what's you height and weight. So i tolled him, im 5ft 8inch and 200 pounds, around 15 stone mark. and he said i need to loose 1 stone. My Body Fat % is 20%.
  9. Like it's been said mate, don't worry about your BMI. Get yourself down there and have a chat with them. If they say go away and lose a little then do it but in my experience they have just said sign there and get running you salad dodger.
  10. I was refering to my salad skipping friends in the RLC. Everyone knows that the REME is full of handsome and fit soldiers.
  11. And you need to have a BMI of at least 25 to be considered for mobilisation. 30 would be preferable.