BMI requirement for joing the army

im 5 foot 10. when i went to enlist i weighed 65kg. they said the minimun weight for my height was 70kg

70 to 74.9 was "underweight but acceptable."

75kg was "ideal"

75.1 to 79.9kg was "overweight but acceptable."

80kg or over was a fail.

they had to do a " special enlistment". i was accepted, saying "you will soon fill out" and at 87kg now, i have definately filled out.

i do 36 pressups then 32, 28, 24, 20 reps of bicep curls with 5kg dumbells (1 min intervals) and walk one hour a day.

now, to cheer you up (my gift to you for the new year), im inviting ridicule!!!... so here goes........ at 36 and ex infantry/REME, who thinks im a lazy cnut?????!!!!!

ps some positive feedback might be nice!!!!
I'm 5ft 10, I weigh 71 kg's which is average apparently, I got in just fine. They take a reading of your body fat too, mines 15.4%, some people were getting away with like 25% though.
mine was for the TA in 89 and regs in 91, many moons ago.

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