BMI of 42... huzzah im a fat munter!

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by the_seraph1m, Feb 26, 2009.

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  1. but seriously... i need to lose this weight and fast... its starting to have other adverse side effects on my health...

    i can get the eating on track... im a chef at the moment and i dont mind cooking so thats not a problem (as long as i keep the snacks at bay!!!) i have difficulty in doing high impact training as i am recovering from a knee problem (its healed but its weak) running in particular...

    i also have asthma though its not bad enough to make me suffocate i just feel it in the back of my throat sometimes... and i will NOT go to the doctors so dont even suggest it, ill exercise that demon through hard work

    so... whats the best way to burn fat quickly.

    im a healthy (ok so im not "healthy" but i have no medical conditions barre my knee) 21 year old male. and i cannot afford a gym at the moment so dont suggest that.
  2. Brace yourself....
  3. dont be so shallow.

    do you think that this is sexy? keep the belly tubbs! ;)


    just kidding :D (i have to mention that i am joking less i keep this O2 Thief tag forever)
  4. ;

    In the words of Phil Daniels of Blur's Parklife and Eastenders fame:

    "You should cut down on your pork pie's mate, get some exercise!"

    Seriously though, just stop being a fat knacker and start sweating
  5. CHRIST..... 42 BMI is mahoosive!!
    Erm swimming is probably your best bet? Cycling (if you have a bike)? General kick around with your friends? Any of those that seem appealing, go for it. Look up any excersise classes in your area, like martial arts and even dance!
    Go google some excersise regimes you can carry out around the house. Do some household chores aswell, that burns shit loads of calories!!
  6. Climb the old mango tree and yank it like a monkey :D :D :D :D
  7. Go for a run. Assuming that a decent run distance won't be easy right now, try a fast walk ("march") over say... 5 miles and aim to do under 90 minutes. That eats the Cal.
  8. Man that is a walking skeleton well sitting how is he alive? ergh makes me shudder...
  9. You haven't been diagnosed as asthmatic, have you?
  10. i was when i was a kiddiwink... but that was um... 10 years plus ago and the doc said it might just go away... one month of the steroid thing and it went away i never went back... i figure its gone...

    obviously its not, but it will go once i lose the weight im sure... and if it doesnt... well then ill collapse and die after a harsh PT in basic or i wont.... either way
  11. Or keel over on Ops and get one for your muckers killed trying to help you.
  12. Eat less carbs, And eat slower mate
  13. It will cost you but try and find a local "lighter life" class. Once you have started to get the lard off get to thde gym and train. Once you have got your BMI down eat less and train as much as you can. It worked for my ex wife but it will cost you.
  14. hey ill go to selection and if i still feel like i honestly have asthma... even if i get through... ill back out before basic if i cant shake it...

    im not mad and i dont want anyone dying cause of my fat a$$ fallin down!
  15. Go to the gym and use the cross-trainer for one hour every single day. Do not beast yourself, keep your heart-rate to 65% of the maximum and just be consistent - even if that appears to be insufficient effort, any higher will NOT burn fat. Take an iPOD or make sure you have a TV to watch as it will be boring. Combine this with a reducing diet, say 2000 calories per day - start the day with porridge and a banana, salad for lunch, lean meat and vegetables for supper. The weight will fall off you, but this regime will not make you much fitter. As you become lighter and your knee recovers, substitute one session a week with one of the 'cardio' programs on the cross-trainer, then two and so on.