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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by zigwie, Jul 26, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys just a quick question about the BMI measurement at medical and the rules.

    I've heard a couple of people say that the army has changed it's entry standard from 28 to 32.

    I've always been heavy for my height despite being very fit and am about a 30 at the minute with 8 weeks of beasting to go before mainboard so I hope to make the 28.

    I just wondered if anyone was clear on the process if you are boarderline, is it an automatic fail or do you just have a retest at pre-sandhurt tests if you pass? There was a guy at my briefing who was 5'5" and 15.5 stone! He was all muscle and no fat but they kicked up a real fuss despite him getting top times in our group for obstacles and he passed the bleep test without breaking sweat! I also met a girl on the engineer fam visit who had passed the mainboard a couple of months earlier and she failed the bleep at level 6.3 and looked well over 30bmi!

    Could anyone help clarify?

    In the mean time I shall go and nibble some lettuce leaves! :)
  2. From the papers they have sent me for my Mainboard I remember there being a mention that if your BMI is above the maximum level they then do extra tests to see if it is fat or muscle.

    I'm guessing that you strip and they perv at your pecs and beautifully formed body :wink:
  3. yep thats true they'll work out your body fat percentage and see whether thats within in acceptable levels, as in some extreme cases heavily muscular persons are clinincally obese on the BMI chart, however just to be on the safe side get that down to the 28
  4. I am extremely muscle heavy and got a letter through telling me that I was clinically obese post Briefing.

    I guess I didn't help things by mistakenly putting down my bicep circumference instead of my waist; any 5"11 bloke with a 48 inch 'waist' is bound to look obese on paper
  5. You have 48 inch biceps? 8O

    Hulk Hogan had 24 and was on the juice, and my waist is 32.

    Anyway wouldn't i heard if your fit and your BMI is out they'll just check muscle/fat percentages. Though i'm pretty sure that 30 in BMI is obese?
  6. yes.
  7. Don't push him Seba...he's clearly stacked.
  8. Biscuitbrown, is this you?

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  9. this is me..

  10. Nice hat
  11. On topic, when I attended the main board I had a BMI of 27. It was suggested that if I had a BMI of 28 or over they could just measure my waistline and determine if I wobbled when I walked.
  12. i just had to have a look how big 48 inches was and just pissed myslef, it'd be like wearing roll mats on your arms
  13. Welcome to my world brother
  14. hmmm, im classed as obese on the chart. but i can 1.5 mile in 9:30 and do 100 pressups in 2 mins.however i am carrying a bit of paunch. (mrs loves it!!)

    does this need to go? think i already know the answer really
  15. I took main board last month and was in the same boat as some of you chaps. My BMI was 30 when tested and I was told to get down to 28 by the time I start in the 'funny farm' next September. However I am a rugby player......centre, so have a good level of fitness and had been playing 7's tournaments up until main board, plus I do a lot of cycling so I have thighs similar to the size of biscuitbrowns biceps :strong: which probably contributes to 1/2 my body weight!

    The old BMI tests are somewhat dated nowerdays as they don't take into account the subjects build. I am just over 6'0 and weigh 15.3st (all of which is in legs and upper body) and I have been told to get down to 14.3st which would mean loosing 1st of muscle....even though my waist was well within the required limits (and blitzed the fitness tests and am ex 4 Para).

    I wasn't failed for the 'excess weight' or even medically deferred, just told to loose it before next Sept so you shouldn't have to worry.

    Good luck to you guys going for AOSB soon, enjoy the experience!