BMI Madness!!

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by olleyuk, Feb 25, 2010.

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  1. I'm just in the process of re-joining the TA and i'm slightly concerned about the preoccupation with BMI. I'm 1.89m and 87kg i'm towards the 25 mark which is not far off obese!!!! However, my 1.5 time is 9.02, my 2 min press-up count is 85 and my 2 min sit up count is 90. I run every other night as a minimum and do a 10 mile x-country run carrying 20 + kilos every weekend. As such, i reckon i'm pretty fit and strong. I'm defo not obese!!!

    I know a couple of rugby league players and they are mega fit and are classed as obese!!!

    I understand that BMI is often a good indicator but it shouldn't be relied upon as a measure of fitness for all.

    rant over
  2. Obesity is usually classed as a BMI of over 30. Overweight is 25 but obviously doesn't take into account muscle mass etc. At 6'2 and 192 pounds you don't have much to worry about.
  3. From my experience it shouldn't be a problem. I'm quite heavily built in the upper body and notwithstanding that I could do with losing a few pounds round the middle just at the moment (I' go between 14 1/2 and 15st 3) nobody would really consider me obese. The BMI charts would though.

    It wasn't a bother when rejoining. My unit MO just looked up a table that had extra columns for "large frame", "small frame" etc.

    You're obviously fit enough.
  4. BMI is one of the ways the Goverments is turning us into a Nanny State

    On Wed a wee lass about 4 years old was classed as obese, she had not an once of fat on her.

    Were all doom unless we do what Cyclops says.

  5. i'll be ok when the MO sees me in my keks!! lol
  6. I agree that the BMI by itself is a load of crap. By the chart, it's impossible to be 16 stone and not obese no matter how tall you are, which is a load of bollox. By that charts standard then the majority of the England Rugby team would be obese which just isnt the case.
    Luckily the Army takes your Fat ratio/ weist size aswell as your BMI, therefore getting a better idea than by just going off the BMI alone.
  7. I am led to believe that the BMI shite is not taken into account for the TA yet, Regs only. Edit due to mong mode
  8. Fail.
    Even at just 6'1" and 16 stone, you would not be obese. Have you been doing your sums on your (six) fingers again?
  9. My prob is big legs and a big arse. Our lass loves em but it makes buying trousers difficult!
  10. Well being a Para, maths and spelling defo aint my strong points! :D

    Confusing the Obese section with the overweight part. It's impossible to be anything other than "overweight" at 16 stone, no matter your height.
    Was going off my (bad) memory of the first and only time i've bothered to look at the chart.
    At 6'2 and 16 stone, i carry little fat and am fit as fcuk but am still classed as overweight by the BMI.
    Like wise, many blokes i serve with and play Rugby with who are fit as fcuk would be classed as "fattys" on the BMI!
    Thats why the Army take into account your weist size and fat %, to get a more realistic picture.

  11. You are a Para? Nice one! :D

    One of my options is 299 Para RE based in Hull. The training looks awesome. I really want to have a crack at P Company. I'm just weighing up whether the extra committment will fit in with civvy job and domestic arrangements.
  12. Go for it, getting your phys up to standard in your own spare time will be a challenge im sure. I don't really know too much about what sort of beat up or Pre- Para is available to TA lads so can't really help you with that one. Sure theres a few ARRSErs who can guide you on though.
  13. My BMI is currently 24.8. However I will be troughing my Thursday curry lunch today and can guarantee that by COP today I will have "ballooned" to a BMI of 25.0! However after a good poo I'll be "healthy again". I think BMI on its own is a pretty nothing measurement. does a pound gained lost really make that much difference?
  14. Honestly BMI is shit if you do any training.

    My BMI was 28 when I was tested a while ago and I was told that it was no problem, however if I was over 30 they would just do a simple waist measurement and it would disprove me being a fat 30.

    As it stands my waist line is still only 33-34 inches.