Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by SwansonBoy91, Apr 4, 2007.

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  1. I have my selection on the 16th (fingers crossed)....but i'm unsure of the required BMI (lowest), I'm quite thin, but still physically fit, i don't want to get sent home for being to skinny, any1 hus done ther selection, or who knows anything about the required BMI please give me some info. This is quite worrying for me.
  2. 18 is the lowest BMI index, I believe.

  3. When i went to apply, a while back, they calculated my BMI, it was only 17.6, but they said it was acceptable....i was wearing alot of clothes though.
  4. then put something in pockets for weight
  5. Drink lots of water and eat loads before they weigh you.

    My body weight can fluctuate by anything up to 3kgs in a 24 hours period depending on diet, hydration and physical activity.
  6. Oh, and think heavy thoughts.
  7. I know where your coming from Swanson im a skinny f***ker to i only put on a small amount of weight on but that takes me weeks to do. But as of this week as ive just got back into training after a op ive lost 1/2 a stone in 3 days which for me i think is pretty bad. As i now only weight 9 stone. I'm just hoping i can put weight on by weights etc.. down the gym.
  8. lucky sod!! my bmi is about 26 i think!! that puts me at fat ass levels!!
  9. mine is border line 18 and they defered me 1st time.Goin for RM now so....who kno's
  10. Why does the Army even use BMI anymore when its such a heavily flawed notion!?