BMI index Charts

Obese here!!!
Its been discussed before somewhere on arrse, but using the BMI chart for bodybuilders (for example) claims they are dangerously obese. Stick the same man on a body fat analysis machine and you get a totally different result. In some cases the lads we were measuring had too little body fat.
I am a fat Tw*t according to this, I am hurt.

Well I would be if I hadn't grown to accept it ages ago, it is all bought and paid for though.
worked well in the 50's when it was first drawn up but now not really a reliable guide, all depends on how wobbly you are really!

I'm 6" short according to my reading!
Thanks for posting the chart, now I understand why I have a permanent stoop; according to the chart, an inch of body mass equals (about) two pounds. Thus having a ten inch knob weighing twenty pounds equals a permanent stoop.

Thanks again!

/excused shorts
Works for me, you fat, lazy, idle, wasters! :lol:

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