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BMI & Fitness Level Entry

Hi People

Brand new to the website , looks amazing great tips and advice to be got on here.

So i have a question

im 30 years old 6Ft7 and i used to play rugby when i was younger which made me get bigger muscle wise now im older and had a couple of kids ive put on some daddy pounds and now instead of being 120kg im 138.1kg which is 21 stone. im back training running everyday and ive just messured my 1.2 Mile and im doing it in exactly 10:51 would be great to get it down but at the moment am i looking at real problems getting in to the army??? Also should i add stregth training into my programme a few people have said yes also a few people have said just focus on running lol so a bit confued any help would be awesome .

Cheers Peeps

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