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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by crosbunny, Jan 17, 2007.

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  1. AFter the xmas period have put on a bit of weight now weighing 17 stone, I posted on here a week ago about doing the CFT and doing it within set time we did the 6 mile CFT, was told that shouldn't have done this without first doing the medical..oops. my question is my BMI is 32 so will this affect my entrance.. if I mention the CFT would that help.. I'm running everyday and exercising like mad so hopefully won't have any issues but need a little reassurance

    cheers and thanks for putting up with the ramblings
  2. I will leave the definative answer to someone who knows better, however I read last year (ish) that the Army was rasing the BMI cut off limits, as you can get a big (physicaly) fit rugby player with a huge BMI, only heavy, due to muscles.

    However I also think another reason why they are doing this, is becuase due to the playstation generation that are being rasised now, there will be very few potential recruits with a 'normal' BMI. But I think if your a fat pie eating waster the rules still apply (not that I am accusing you of being a fat boy).....
  3. Lance.. don't worry won't take offence, yes I'm overweight but training hard and hope to drop a stone or two.. just a bit worried they may refuse me just because of my weight

    cheers and hopefully someone will come along with a more def answer
  4. When I did the AOSB if I call recall correctly my BMI was recorded as 26. I asked the nurse about this as I had heard that 25+ was considered the top end of the scale. She said that the BMI was no longer important as it isnt a generally a fair assessment i.e; it doesnt take into consideration body fat/muscle percentage. She said this was the same reason they binned 'heaves' as a physical assessment, as meat-heads were scoring badly due to their large body mass....