BMI drivel

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by blobmeister, Dec 31, 2007.

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  1. People are forever asking about the BMI for the Army, just stop eating shite, start training fu**ing hard and lose weight. You need to be fit as ten men to survive!
  2. if you post your vital statistics, height & weight here, we'll be able to advise more accurately
  3. well ive already shed 3 and a half stone, and maybe two more to go, hopefully!! (yes i was a chunk! not anymore thou!)
    im about 5, 6 and 13 and a half stone, i no ive got about another 2 stone to go, but wanted to have a goal in mind!!!
  4. And you've lost 3 and a half stone?

    Goon Bde - check PMs.
  5. Forget the requirements for the Military consider your health full stop. Currently, your BMI is 30.5, which means that you are classified as obese. Your ideal BMI should be between 18.5 and 24.9, which means that you need to weigh between 8st 6lb (BMI 19) and 11st 1lb (BMI 25)
  6. Do mine. 5 10 and 8 and a half stone.
  7. your bmi is 18.4
  8. Does that mean I am dead? Or shall I just not join the army?
  9. Why worry,according to the latest figures 3/4 of the England Rugby Team are clinicly obese. As has already been said,just get yourself fit!
  10. I'll swap you. Mine is 32.28. Perhaps if we combined and then split in two, we'd make two normal people.
  11. BMI is very misleading....according to my BMI i am healthy, whereas infact, i am a fat fook....

    united bird, if you can pass your BFT then don't worry....if you can't, consider the RLC or AGC
  12. I suppose BMI may be more relevant for women as men can carry much more muscle which fcuks it right up. I'm classed as obese and i've got a six pack.

    ......... well i did before xmas. 8O
  13. Did you drink it?
  14. according to my BMI i'm beyond obese!!!...oh hang on a minute.....
  15. Did I wear you out love?

    Can you send me photos of your six pack? Merely for (ahem) medicinal purposes. I won't show them to the girls.

    Shall I join the Army or not then?