BMI and joining up

My son is 18 and has been trying to join the Army for the past 7 months on both occasions at Worcester AFCO he keeps being told his BMI is to low. He is 6ft and 8st 11lb I know this is skinny but he is gyming it everyday and eating like a horse I believe that at such a young age his metabolism isn't ready for him to turn into hulk Hogan, so what is the answer to this? He is fit as a fiddle can do pft in 9:15 and as I said before at the gym 5 times a week. All he keeps getting told by the civvies is put weight on which is easier said than done. Is there a way of contesting this or taking it higher please?
The BMI limits are there for a reason. Phase one training generally causes people to lose weight. If there is nothing to lose then it is dangerous.

6 foot tall and under 9 stone is underweight so here it is from the military: eat more.
Get him eating a lot of carbs. Pasta for every meal. Get a protein powder that is for buckling and if he’s training he’s burning fat so eat lots of good fatty foods (fish, egg, avocado). They won’t let him in unless he’s the right weight. He may be able to run a 9.15 pfa but once you put weight on his back that can weight sometimes as much as he weights now. It won’t be good for him!
He may be doing too much fitness.
For once i agree with BB.
When i tried to join i was 8 stone, but running sub 9 minute BFT.
I was told to stop running and essentially eat ANYTHING and everything I could get my hands on.

6 pints of Guinness a night , steak, liver, pasta, eggs, burgers etc. I was throwing an insane amount of calories down my neck. Made the weight gain inside 5 weeks .

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