BMH Rinteln RUFC

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by dui-lai, Jan 10, 2008.

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  1. Folks,

    I once tried to get this off the ground but thanks to Bush & Bliar, I ended up in sandy climates :roll: .....and also before I discovered the joys of snide comments Venty, PLEASE :cry: (PTSD over dysentry)

    Is anyone out there in the land of ARRSE, who once played for this great club or was a member, interested in a re-union?? If so add details of interest here, PM me and let it be known among the great unwashed out there...... :wink:
  2. Why not just ask for all former Corps members to sign up?...........after all thats where the majority ended up. Now the 2 Armd Fd Amb RUFC
    (Nomads), that was a Rugby team!
  3. I didnt play - but ive got the rugby top somewhere,

    but injury prevents me from playing (old age more like)


    ... whos got the toilet seat?
  4. Crumb's many a drunken weekend spent in the rugby club - didn't watch many games though, for some strange reason I was usually in work!
  5. Yep that was a great rugby club, was drunk as a skunk many a time in there - usually on the visiting losing side. Drooled over the women and wondered why they didn't have them in fd ambs........
  6. I deny any involvment in the 'liberation' of the Rugby club door from its frame and its arrival at 3 AFAs bar.
  7. I smell a WALT, we are talking about a BMH, which in turn means QA's, not women, QA's!!

    I rest my case.
  8. Now that is slander - had he have said ladies then that would have been questionable but I'm sure last time I looked I was a woman (and a QA)!
  9. When I was there, I remember S.L. trying to cop off with a 'woman' who I can't even bring myself to type the initials of. Rumour has it that she used to play Rugby for the blokes team (possibly as the pack on her own)

    when you add 'women' like that and work out what the average QA is, I'm afraid it takes a great number of Eastern European Porn Princesses (or equivalent) to raise the average above 'swamp donkey'.
  10. Ok give in - what's a WALT?? Must be gulity of it anyway!
  11. Just picked this up and being ex RAC 15/19thKRH I must say we had probably the most memorable of times at BMH Rinteln I also returned as the man in the middle on a number of occasions only problem then was I didnt have a coach driver to bribe so we could stay another hour or two.

    Good Times.
    Good luck with your reunion
  12. Anyone still know the words to the court of king caractacus? Did Rolf Harris ever write back to accept his honorary membership?
  13. I still know it to this party piece when drunk :oops:
  14. I am one of the unwashed out there played for 2 years between 92-94 while posted at 4AFA, me Swampy, Torn Dog and my front row partner Humph used to come over play hard then hit the bar and play harder, well those of us who didn't go to sleep and swamp!!

    Dui-Lai I would be interested, once you have anything squared away PM me and I will see if work permits.

  15. I was playing in the mid eighties a great side to be in and we always did our best to entertain our visitors after the games. Trouble is most of the 3rd half memories are a bit fuzzy, count me in D L