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Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by Kromeriz, May 3, 2013.

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  1. Do not go all DLT or Stew Hall on me, and absolutely no Jimmy Saville

    Starters for 1

    I was born BMH Hanover Nov 1965

    Now both History Man and Cold Collation are out there but anyone beat the overseas BMH dateline?

    Going back for the first time in 47 years to see where I was born this summer.
    Anyone got any thoughts?
    Any of you have no idea where you were born? Any sense of loss?
    Anyone got any ideas about my home town and what I should look out for?

  2. Should be a plaque on the wall with my name on,had a broken wrist set at BMH Hanover in 1964.
  3. Any foreign BMH welcome to claim the most years.

    Dits about time abroad welcomed.
  4. why are you going ? this is a misplaced sense of nostalgia. I was born in Singapore, although I am interested in the time and place of my birth,but because I DONT ACTUALLY REMEMBER IT, I do not feel any personal attachment for the place. I have no "handle " on it , and can attach no sense of meaning to the place or any of the features of it (the people of course being long gone) Detmold however is a different case, then I was 7 and the secrets of the place are known to me as thoroughly as only a 7 year old can find.
  5. I do remember the BMH babe that fondled my testicles in 1988, apparently to check for testicular cancer.
  6. BMH Hostert 1955. I've never been there and have no inclination to do so.
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  7. I was a BMH babe...until I got married ;-)

    Back on topic. Wasn't a BMH, but I was born in a British maternity hospital in Colombo, Ceylon (as it was at the time). I have absolutely zero desire to go back, I've been assured many a time by others that whilst the beaches are lovely the rest of the place is a dump!
  8. How madly interesting.
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  9. Is the BMH Hannover building still standing? I'm over there in a few weeks for a reunion and I know for definate that the vast majority of the old MOD infrastructure has been flattened and re-developed.
  10. BMH Hannover

    Still there, but now flats.
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  11. It's still standing , use Google Maps ...Gehage Strasse .

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  12. Not a BMH but close enough...

    RAF Hospital Wegberg.

    May 3rd 1958. (Yeah, it was my birthday yesterday.)

    No idea if it's still there.
  13. I never knew Kent School used to be a BMH - went there 2 or maybe 3 times doing the health inspection. The caretaker there was an ex RSM of some infantry crowd. He was whinging that the lads were pinching the rodding eyes from the traps in the urinals and everyone ended up pissing on their own feet - apparently it started when some Brass were visiting and General Someone got wet boots, it went viral when the whole school got a bollocking and spread the idea

    Funny as ****
  14. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    5th May 1963 BMH Hanover
  15. She who must be obeyed, was born in BMH Malta in 53. Went back afew years ago on holiday, found the street she lived in and the hospital, but BMH was being turned into a school. She was chuffed to see it, well worth the trip to the land of "Yells, Smells and Bells"