Blur offered to met Masked IRA Leaders

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Mar 17, 2008.

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  1. Interesting reading. Now I think that Bliar is even more of a kunt than I did before.

    And belive me, that takes some beating.
  2. Blur would do anything for Personal Glory.
    I doubt he understands the expression 'Selling Out'
  3. As time goes on more and more of this weasels antics will become evident, he should be banned from this country for the damage hes done, i hope he dies soon.
  4. .... but the IRA refused the meetings because Cherie would also attend, but would not be wearing a mask....
  5. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I'm not suprised at anything the cunt did or will do in the future
    Did anyone watch Andrew Marr this morning they were on about it on there with footage of the troubles (cue Paras on Bloody Sunday and tri - colour draped coffins)
    When Blair was asked in the upcoming programe about the morals of meeting these terrorists he stated
    Hand on heart I couldn't say that the every action of the British State(an IRA term?) was above board
    Souds like he's been paying to much attention to his new mate Jerry

    This bit should have warned the military of things to come
    Blair was prepared to have a showdown with the British army over its initial refusal to remove watchtowers from the strongly republican South Armagh. The head of the army in Northern Ireland threatened to resign, though an agreement was eventually reached.
  6. i wouldn't have minded the meeting, if he was rigged to explode when they brought in tea and biscuits.
  7. Of course he was going to meet them, let's not be so naive that we think it was realistic to keep home rule in NI for ever. The war in NI was no longer contributing to British political strategy and the people in the province were simply fed up being at war while the rest of the British Isles were doing ok. If you are still fighting a war after nearly 40 years and people are still dying, surely there comes a time to stop and think "f*** this for a game of soldiers (pun intended) let's move on". OK Gerry and Co did reasonably well out of it all, but they've had the political stamina (and weasel cunning) to stay right till the end - I suppose being British agents probably helped!
  8. Provided they IRA were going to take him away, knee-cap him, or anything involving a shallow grave then I'd have been all for the meeting.
  9. While I agree that Blair is a loathesome toad lets not forget that Lloyd George, Willie Whitelaw, Harold Wilson (who went to Dublin) and John Major also 'talked' to the IRA. The British Gov't decided in 1919 to pull out of Ireland and are still in the process of doing it.
  10. "About three or four times he suggested to Gerry Adams that he should meet the IRA Army Council. Adams said 'well I'm not really sure about that'. One time he said 'yes, maybe', "

    This would be the Gerry Adams that has nothing to do with the IRA ??
  11. A nice bit of Parklife would make it all ok?
  12. It would be very "couragious" (as per Yes, Minister/Prime Minster definition) for gerry to let tony meet the IRA Army Council (so called (they ain't a fcuking Army. Top Terrorist scum would be a better description)).

    After all, balaclava or not, tony might recognise his voice.

  13. I prefer to think of him suffering a slow death by Um Bongo at the hands of Slab Murphy, who, allegedly, liked that sort of thing.