Blur Force One

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Jun 21, 2005.

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  1. Nothing amazes me anymore with this Doughnut.............

    Then again......... if he was on the same BA flight as me, I'd get off. The risk factors would have gone up exponentially!

    Perhaps he can have his own plane, with big SAM aiming marks down both sides.
  2. Has he never heard of videoconferencing.....
  3. New guidelines out for the rest of Government ref travel state that within UK/Europe all must go economy, and for visits further afield only personnel who must attend will be allowed to go. Methinks this will be another case of one rule for one......

    Unless, we can indulge? Must be a few spare seats?
  4. Is this meant to be his version of Airforce one??

    Anyone have a spare SAM laucher handy? Perhaps i can buy one for our easten friends as there selling things off!!
  5. I say let him have a luxrious state of the art air bus but all trips have to go through south cerny :lol:
  6. Ukraine are selling of thier hardware on Ebay. Sure you can find a few handy peices of kit on there should you need to. :D
  7. The man is a pompous arrse with a massively overinflated ego and makes enemies on a daily basis.

    Hopefully someone will prick his balloon-like ego soon...
  8. Does this 777 come complete with hair salon for Missus B? Only cos I am thinking of retrading as a top class hair stylist........

    Sweeney Todd anyone?
  9. I'm not entirely against it providing that it's absolutely clear that it is HM's aircraft first and foremost and she gets first refusal.
  10. That mimsy little psychopath, Bliar, (To quote the remaining one of the "Two Fat Ladies" ), should be made to walk every where - preferably over broken glass.
  11. Really, really toolish. If he is that worried buy his own out of his own personal fortune and staff it from his own personal income. Get over yourself mate you are a complete coit and trying to look like a big important man does not suit you. You look weak and sheeplike at best. At worst you look weak and sheeplike and disturbed. If anyone wants to take you out I can see plenty of other opportunities to do so much more effectively. Get a chavved up Tonka toy it will appeal to the idiots to which you attempt to pander to electorally.

    I also resent little Johnny Lickarse doing similar and pulling "RAAF 1" (puke!) to cart his sorry backside around the globe. Take a look at yourself mate if you were such a target I would have been one in a long, long line of snipers having a crack at you on one of your morning "vaguely ridiculous almost-power walks". Get a pop-top Winnebago it is much more suitable to your status and give you that warm inner (false) glow so that you think you really are "one of the battlers".

  12. Blur is at his worst when he is in his aplolgetic mode. He looked pathetic last week immediately after the breakdown of the Euro conferance.
    I am not trained in reading bodey language but Blur just looks like a badly mangled jelly as he trys not to offend and his smirk makes me sick.
    He wants to be everyones friend, to be popular and now he is making noises about the rebate will go if only Europe will play the game over farm subsidies.
    Lack of moral fiber was the old phrase to describe his kind.
    He wants needs a large aircraft to project his stature, his lack of stature must be one of the reasons why he is held in contempt by all who have studied him.
    His early election is now shown or what it was a quick attempt to cover up the failure of his economic policy with the runnaway Public sector borrowing requirement showing that he who be king is just one more typical labour Chancellor.
    Given time the nation debt just sores, Labour know no other way.
  13. Chimes rather well with the story I heard about Blurgh demanding that the aircraft he was using having a bed installed, since Air Force One had that sort of fit out. What made it another example of the pointless twonk's mittyism is the fact he was flying over the water for Clinton's historic little sojourn to Ulster.

    He still doesn't seem to have grasped that Air Force One and it's ilk are for Heads of State and he's a Head of Government, and that the wider population are not the dimwits he takes them for who will be dazzled by the wonderfully eloquent and cogent arguments that spring forth from his incisive legal mind.

    Perhaps it's time for the beancounters to conduct the sort of 'What does a human life cost?' type exercise used by, for example the automotive industry to decide on whether to recall exploding cars or pay the compensation. I'm pretty sure it would work out cheaper to let UBL and his AQ mukkas (or muq'as perhaps?) have a crack at Tone and his careeer politician chums than waste all that tax revenue on security screens etc.

    editted: due to utter cackhandedness