Blunt goes up in my estimations

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by crabby, Dec 2, 2007.

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  1. I have always thought of him as an utter cnut. However, I am prepared to eat most of my words.

    First was his support for Help for Heroes.

    Second, he's on Topgear and you know what, he was actually quite amusing. He had a sense of humour.

    Therefore he is not an utter cnut. His music is dross, he needs to cut his hair and have a shave, but I'd buy the chap a pint.
  2. Yeah but no but the high-pitched, squeeky and just downright ODD voice is surely reason enough to keep Lt Blunty in very much in the cnut bracket????

    I often wonder, just before I turn the radio off when his songs come on, what his blerks made of him? Do we have any arrsers around to verify how the squeeky one performed in the green-skin?
  3. Opinion is divided, those who knew him thought he was a good bloke.

    Those who didn't know him think he's a chopper.
  4. Seconded. Not afraid to take the p1ss out of himself.

    I'd buy him a pint, but I would'nt buy one of his CD's.
  5. Interesting. He must have been sound if the lads thought he was OK with that voice. Maybe it's just me -- am I the only one who can hear it like that? I've either got diffy hearing or I'm blessed with supernatural powers the like of which the world has never seen.
  6. Thought the bloke presented himself as a reasonably good sort.
    Pretty funny and not over run with ego.Especially fair play to him for supporting and being a patron of Help For Heroes, good on Clarkson and himself for chipping it a little more into the public eye too
  7. Dave, 'that voice' is not unique within the Household Cavalry or Guards Division.
  8. That bird Blunt was shagging when he wrote his famous "your essence" song only lives spitting distance (with a fair wind) down the road from me. Funny as fcuk, we had a couple of "under cover" red top journos turn up one day wanting to dig the dirt. Me and a few of the locals managed to cream 4 days worth of expenses out of them in the form of free drinks in exchange for dishing the dirt on her, needless to say we got royaly drunk, they got fcuk all. Gotta love the blind optimism that money buys everything.

    Fair play to the man, he's a good supporter of the forces.
  9. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    He did well tonight -even had Clarkson laughing in concert which means that he is viewed by him at least as a good bloke.

    His response to being a homosexual was great -"my songs are about you".... Lovely.

    He hasn't forgotten the Services and he still does a lot for us. Clarkson made sure that was known as well.

    Good on the man- might even listen to some of his music now :D
  10. Fair play to him, thought he was gonna be a right chopper but actually made me chuckle. Good sense of humour, definately gone up in my estimations.

    Still not gonna buy his CD though
  11. Just like Take That in the rags the other day, one of them said that they weren't heroes like their fans said but the real heroes were in Iraq and Afghanistan. Nice one Gary Barlow.
  12. Blunt is a good supporter of the forces and not all his songs are bilge.
    Any relation to Blunt - traitor and advisor on the Queen's piccies?`
    Obviously not, when I think of it, the older Blunt was a bit of a shirt-lifter.
  13. I have made much the same comment in the NAAFI.

    Sounds like a labrador with its balls caught in a mantrap, but fair play to him and Clarkson too.

    Except for the gay biker jibe.
  14. I thought he came across really well, Nice sense of humour and clever use of self-depreciation.

    I think Clarkson seemed to like him too which is a good combat indicator in my view.
  15. saw the interview and thought he was a decent enough bloke.
    still think he sings like a cat being shagged with a bread knife though.

    odd though, blunt seems alright, id buy him a pint etc but wouldnt listen to his music. whereas that cnut robbie williams, some of his music is alright, but i refuse to listen to it on the basis that the man is a complete cocker...