Blunktw@tt helping Prezza run the country

Does the obsessive ego of this disgraced creature know no bounds?

Blunkett to help run government

Former Home Secretary David Blunkett has said he is helping John Prescott take key government decisions while other senior ministers are on holiday.

But the work and pensions minister denied running the Home Office in Charles Clarke's absence.

Mr Blunkett said he was taking responsibility for helping explain the government's proposed new laws to tackle extremism.

He said he was using his experience to explain "what we are about".

Tony Blair last week outlined a raft of plans to extend powers to deport or exclude foreigners who encourage terrorism.

Ex-Home Secretary Mr Blunkett said he was working with Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott to cover "a whole range of issues while other good colleagues are taking a break".

He said he was explaining to the UK public "about what it is we are facing, and why we are taking the additional steps".

"I obviously have the experience and the knowledge and I help out in terms of having to take, with John Prescott, the necessary decisions in the next couple of weeks," he said.

But he insisted: "Hazel Blears substitutes for the home secretary, she is his deputy and she is doing extremely well."

On Tuesday minister Ms Blears said she, not David Blunkett, was in charge at the Home Office while Mr Clarke is away on holiday.

Ms Blears is minister for policing, security and community safety.
Aaagh! Blunder Blunkett again! Can't stand this vindictive, arrogant, incompetent, poncing fatherless. Why did Phoney Tony ever bring him back into the Cabinet?
Blunkett dropped so many b0ll0cks as Home Secretary, he must have been f***ing blind!

Why on EARTH is Blunkett back again?! Slightly worrying that they 'need' to bring him to cover whilst others are on holiday. Should he be given the chance to have such input? Kind of underminds Ms Blears.....
Blind leading the Blind...
Would you rather it was left to John 'two jabs' Prescott? 8O
Does he do the dog watch?

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