Blunktw@tt gets £18K for lying and misusing his office

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Jun 24, 2005.

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  1. I hope he suffocates to death in between the breasts of one of the call-girls he will invariably blow the money on. The lying bearded lecher puts corrupt African nations to shame with his behaviour.

  2. Thieves. Every last one of them. One of our lads took redundancy from the mob and came back 18 months later. He had to pay the money back.
  3. Cannot trust them. This needs sorting out. And they look after the country's interests?? I think just their own!
  4. The money is supposedly to ease the individual's transition to earning less.

    In Blunkett's case he stayed in the same ministerial accommodation, undertook an election campaign, and was back so quick that he earned more in compensation than if he had not resigned.

    If he had the decency he'd hand the money back, if he was indecent he'd buy lots of loose women for his body guards. He'll probably keep it though - such is the man.
  5. And who was it that bitched about the royals costing 61p a year per person... :roll:
  6. Nope sorry, thats the result of our "Its your fault, therefore your redundant" policy.

    If we actually made them responsible for cleaning up their mistakes then it woudl be different, but we expect to see a minister get made redundant if someone in there department makes any errors.

    If i got made redundant in my job, and then went back to work for them in the future, i wouldn't expect to pay the money back, thats was my due for being let go.

    We have made that beast, this is the fall out.

    We need to make them more responsible, IE do something about a problem so it doesn't happen again, rather than getting rid at the first sign of a paperclip being in the wromg place!!!!!!
  7. The crux of the issue, as I see it, is that these people should not be made redundant, but removed from post. If a Cpl is demoted to LCpl for an offence, he will lose out in his wage packet and get no pay-off. This is a bloody sham. These people are primarily concerned with lining their own pocket with little regard for what is right. Viva la revolution.
  8. Blunkett was not made redundant, there remained a requirement for the role of Home Secretary to be fulfilled, the post was not disestablished, there was no rationalisation which meant the duties could be performed more efficiently by another individual (as if that would ever happen in the world of UK politcs).

    Blunkett resigned because he demonstrated that he was not a suitable person for the job in which he was employed, if he was a bus driver who turned up for work pissed or regularly crashed his bus into low bridges he would similarly have the choice of resigning or being fired, he would not recieve a redundancy payment because he wouldn't be redundant, someone would still have to drive the bus.

    The pay off for Blunkett and all the other politicos having to fall on their sword when they demonstrate quite how dismal they are has already been paid, their salaries are particularly healthy, the generous allowances for their personal staff, the homes that come with the jobs, these are all part of the benefits granted to them in return for being man or woman enough to accept responsibility when they foul up.

    Let's see if we can persuade Westminster council to install larger lamp posts around Parliament Square so that come the revolution we can string more of them up per lamp post
  9. Blunkett is a Bounder a Cad and a Thief, if his dog had any sense of decency it would lead him down an open manhole.

    Blunkett - Resigned becuase he's corrupt
    Hughes - Competency issues
    Harman - Clueless
    Mandelson - Corrupt C0ck munching clown
    Blair - Cnut

    Vote Labour the party of the 5Cs
  10. Use to feel sorry for Blunkett because if you got that much power i would help my childrens nannys visa but plain to see now he is a

    cu!nt of the first order
    shame tho
  11. Is it time for a policy review?
  12. Blur has led the most corrupt government in British history. Typical when old commies get into power.
    Hate the B'stards
  13. Queen Blair will turn this Country into a 3rd world shite hole run by corrupt MP's and Muslims before he is finished, the history books will be rewritten by a cabal of Lickspittles and arselickers to show Queen Blair as a God.

    How long before c*cksucker Queen Blair loses his personal protection after his replacement Slasher brown moves in ?
  14. Complain to this bloke:

    The Secretary
    Committee on Standards in Public Life
    35 Great Smith Street
    London SW1P 3BQ

    If enough mud sticks....
  15. As has been stated, they resigned, were not made redundant, i resigned from apost once, i didnt get any pay out, I have seen plenty of peoples positions been made redundant but they moved within the company, and they didn't get any pay out.

    Politicians, supposed to be looking after our interests?

    yeah right, they look after their own and that is all bunch of tw@s.