Blunktw@tt fcuked!

Some good letters in the Torygraph today. Pity the Tory Party isn't as off message as the rest of us.

Whose privacy?

Sir - Tony Blair says we are entitled to a private life. David Blunkett says we will be fined £1,000 if we do not tell him where we live (News, Nov 30).

Christopher Lawton, Kirtlington, Oxon

Sir - "Ministers free to pursue private lives without moral censure," says Blair. That's a noble sentiment.

Perhaps one day the Government might allow it to apply to the rest of us? That's an absurd sentiment.

Jon Izzard, Kingswinford, W Midlands

Sir - The Prime Minister has every confidence that the Budd inquiry will exonerate the Home Secretary. In the light of the verdicts of previous inquiries into the behaviour of his government, I'm sure we would all share that confidence.

Rev Robbie Low, Lostwithiel, Cornwall
I especially like the first letter.
I know it's not awfully p.c. but was it the best for the UK to have Blunkett in the first place. I mean, ionly a blind Home Secretary could have made the suggestion of CCTVs on hedgerows...
A Minor victory for the bearded tw#t :roll:

Friday December 3, 10:46 AM

Blunkett wins access to son

Home Secretary David Blunkett has won the first round of a High Court battle with his ex-lover Kimberly Quinn over access to her two-year-old son.

Mr Justice Ryder rejected a plea by Mrs Quinn for an adjournment until next April of conciliation proceedings before a district judge aimed at resolving the dispute.

In a statement, Mr Blunkett said: "I'm naturally relieved at today's judgment so I can continue my attempts to gain access to my son."

Naming the child, whom the judge referred to as A, Mr Blunkett added: "I have never wanted anything about my private life and (A's) paternity to be in the public domain and would never have gone to the courts if there were another way of getting informal access to him."

Mr Blunkett continued: "I still hope this may be possible as I have not seen (A) since August. As forthcoming court hearings will be held in private, I will not be commenting further on these personal matters and I hope everyone concerned for (A's) welfare will do the same."
Poppy said:
Actually she ended the relationship - not him. She had possibly decided she wanted family life with husband and two kids rather than to shack up with a politician. They must rank just below estate agents as least trusted people in the UK........... :roll:
Thanks poppy, I know she ended it. However, most people who are the jilters don't go blabbing unless there's a reason to. It's normally the jiltee. So why did she?

Agreed on a politicians pecking order, just below estate agents, solicitors and double glazing salesmen.
Haven't had all the goss here but wasn't the Father a bit questioning of the son, where he came from and why he was so pig ugly?

Mind you Blunckets ego must have skyrocketted. He's such a chick magnet.
According to various press reports, the bearded satyr has so far:

...had another affair some years ago with a civil servant (who was seeing another civil servant in his department; the cuckold was promoted to shut him up).

...dispatched coppers to investigate kids playing "chap door, run" at his tart's house.

...tipped off the News of the Screws about the affair in Aug 04 and set tart up for a photographer.

...used his civil servants to try and arrange the divorce of tart from husband.

...taken tart (cost to taxpayer as yet unknown) to Spain on a jolly.

...given tart a spouses' rail warrant (taxpayer refunded by bearded satyr).

If I was still in uniform at my rank on PVR, and I pulled even one of the above, I would be expected to resign or face a court martial - for example if I had sh@gged a subordinate in a relationship with another subordinate. It is clear that different rules apply to our visionary leaders!

The bunch of psychopaths and degenerates currently in power set an example on a par with that of the Nazi Party for duplicity, mendacity, factional infighting, incompetence, corruption and general unpleasantness.

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