Blunktw@tt fcuked!

The fact remains that despite all the sleaze that has been revelled in government regardless of party people still believe that the representatives of this country should be beyond reproach and that through their action they should try to set an example. I acknowledge the fact that Mr Blunkett is entitled to a private life but as home sectary he should have a personal life like Teflon. He was shagging a married woman to who he has possible fathered two kids these are not the acceptable actions of some one that holds the third highest office in government if he wants his oats fair do he should make the choice step down and bone whoever he wants or stay in government and keep his bloody pants on.
I dislike him intensely but a fly shag shouldn't be grounds for him having to give up his job. Not until it's considered grounds for anyone else to.....Politician or not.

The issue is abuse of his powers as the third most powerful man in Government.

Like it or not the days when siring the odd bastard was something that you had to emmigrate over are long gone.

edit:- And as you can see above.... Even on ARRSE you cant even call a barsteward a barsteward.
“It’s my private life” only seems to be a legitimate defence when the accused is a Labour MP/Minister/Secretary of State/unelected hanger on.
Everyone else is thrown off the gravy train with Labour shouting “shame” loudest.

What isn’t private, if true, is greasing the wheels of a visa application and passing on warrants/rail tickets to the not entitled and the rest. Last punishment warrant reading I went to for fiddling expenses (claimed for mileage for a trip not made) the guilty ba5tard got stuffed. He was relieved of all his good conduct badges which kept him out of DQs but jail did beckon.

This money grabbing shower of sh1te who are our masters would gladly remove our free travel on leave perks if there was wide spread warrant abuse identified in the Armed Forces. I wouldn’t dismiss it as a misdemeanour.
If he married her, she'd get a parliamentary rail warrant anyway. In fact, MPs who are openly gay can get them for 1 partner, so there's a degree of crap here.
If I had given a spouses' warrant to my lover (not that I have one, or intend to have one) whilst in uniform, I would expect to be asked to hand back my nice scroll with the red writing, or face punishment under QRs.

So, the integrity of an Officer (or WO, SNCO or OR) is officialy greater than that of a Minister of the Crown! I've always wondered (not really)!
So now we have the "Blunkett Excuse"

" I have a right to a private life and I was in LUUUUUUUVE"

Be difficult now to charge a soldier or a civil servant with similiar offences - what happens if the CO's driver uses the CO's car to pickup his girlfriend after work, or you use the Firms' landie to do some christmas shopping

"What's your defence ?"

"Home Secretary got away with it Sir !"

Would be hard not to laugh

I actually find the visa thing the least worrying. It is the misaapropriation of public funds and the vindictiveness with which he has chased the paternity claim that grips me.


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Look on the bright side, he will likely be gone in a month.

The Prime Minister expressed his support today so he if stuffed..............................................................................................................................................The PM's support is always code for "leaving to spend more time with his family/mistress/guide-dog/girl guide troop etc. as soon as the dust settles or the Sun threaten to expose the PM's mistress/corruption/lies/love of sheep" (delete and/or amend as applicable over the last 100 years for all Governments)
Wonderful stuff. You b*ggers don't know how lucky you are living in Blighty. In Australia the pollies are as dull as dish water. Why I can't remember a time when one was found dead on a kitchen table in womens underwear having asphixiated with an orange in his gob. Tremendous. Or that polly years ago caught being led around Soho naked on all fours, on a lead, being led by a hooker. Thank you God. Or what about that Welsh git who reckons he was hijacked and his Gov't car stolen. Turned out to be gay and got into trouble trying to pick up rent boys. The initial denials and lies leading to the inevitable confession and humiliation were superb.

Misbehaving pollies are Gods way of rotating the front bench of British politics. It is certainly the most interesting Government in the world.

Bring it on.
"its just a step up from nicking a ream of paper,
The 11th Commandment - Thou shalt not get caught!"

Ah we where all squadies/troops, the lower orders, where nicking from the Firm was just Proffing from the System.
One had given the Government via HM. the authority to risk our umble necks as it saw fit, so if one needed that little extra from the system then fairy enough.
However Government MINISTERS are in a slightly different position. They are very well paid, dIdn't one of Tonys government give all MPs a large inflation busting rise as their first act and the attendent perks of the job.
At their level if caught breaking the 11TH, RESIGN.
Oh and financial health checks on appointment as MP and on leaving office.
You know it makes sense
Anyone want some circa 96 red and green duracells lol :lol:
I did sign off after, couldn't handle the guilt !!!!!!! he he
I'm not being deliberatley thick here, but just how did Blind Pew check that the application form was filled in correctly - was it in Braille?
I like how the buggers are saying that, as a single man, Blunkett did nothing wrong in having a fling. I take it that the fact that she was married is unimportant to LairBore then?

Why did he need a 'media consultant to fly out to join him when the news broke? Couldn't they do their job from Whitehall?

I getting absolutely sick and bl00dy tired of this two-faced government telling me how to run my life but doing what the hell they like. I'm told that pay deals should be in line with inflation (unlike MPs, judges, etc), I can't smack my kid (but Prescott can throw a good right hook and get away with it). I'm given advice on childcare by a minister who seriously cocked up a case dealing with an abused child and have to listen to outragous bores explain how Labour can keep me safe though they're happy to seriously feck up immigration control and seriously handicap the police and impose some loony lefty judges on us so that there is no effective deterrent against committing crime.

Bugger this, if I wasn't so poor I'd look to disappear off somewhere else!
There should almost certainly be an issue with insurance with the vehicle, ie, not covered for unofficial passengers.

I really can't figure what he saw in her :wink: :lol:
Gawd bless the Daily Mail, Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition!

From the Beeb:

Blunkett faces new visa questions

Mr Blunkett denies the visa allegation
David Blunkett is facing new questions about whether he "fast-tracked" a visa application for his ex-lover's nanny.
The Daily Mail is publishing what it says are two Home Office letters to Leoncia Casalme, Kimberly Quinn's nanny.

The first tells her it could take up to a year to process her visa claim, but another letter 19 days later says she can now stay in the UK indefinitely.

But Mr Blunkett's spokesman says he has done nothing wrong and the reported letters change nothing.

Ex-civil servant Sir Alan Budd has been appointed by the government to review the handling of the visa application and examine all the papers.

Mr Blunkett has said he checked Ms Casalme's application for permanent residence was filled in correctly but did not intervene to get it approved.

The letters published in the Daily Mail do not mention Mr Blunkett or indicate that he interfered in the process.

There will now be many unanswered questions hanging over the home secretary's head

BBC political editor Andrew Marr said the letters were only circumstantial evidence but on the face of it were "potentially very damaging".

A letter to Miss Casalme on 23 April 2003 says her application cannot be decided immediately.

It says: "The waiting period for these cases is about 12 months at the moment...

"On current performance, we estimate that your application will be decided by January 2004."

But a second letter dated the 12 May tells Miss Casalme: "You can now remain indefinitely in the United Kingdom."

Conservative shadow home secretary David Davis said: "If the Daily Mail story is correct, it is very difficult to understand how this can be the normal length of procedure for an application to remain.

"Mr Blunkett will have to explain precisely how this rapid processing of the application came about. If he influenced this matter, his position is untenable."

The reports emerged after Mr Blunkett said he was repaying £180 to Parliament for the first class train ticket he gave to then lover Mrs Quinn. He apologised for his "genuine mistake".

Mr Blunkett pictured with Mrs Quinn at a function last year

The rail warrants are intended for MPs' spouses and Mr Blunkett's spokesman said he had now realised his error.

Mark Leech, editor of the Prison's Handbook, complained about the rail ticket to Parliament's standards watchdog, Sir Philip Mawer.

Despite Mr Blunkett's admission, Mr Leech said he still wants an inquiry, saying: "I have come across many cases where prison officers have been made to resign over falsified expense claims. This is no different."

Sir Philip says he will look at the evidence behind the complaint before deciding whether to investigate.

Mrs Quinn, who is seven months pregnant, was admitted to hospital on Monday night amid the stress caused by the controversy.

Her husband, Stephen, said the problems were not serious but he did not know when she would be discharged.

Downing Street denies Tory suggestions the scope of that inquiry is too narrow, saying the Home Office would look at less serious issues.

Tony Blair's official spokesman also rejected suggestions that the prime minister had prejudged the review when he predicted it would exonerate Mr Blunkett.

The spokesman said that by giving Mr Blunkett his public backing, Mr Blair had just been expressing trust and confidence in his home secretary.
chickenpunk said:
Murielson said:
I really can't figure what he saw in her :wink: :lol:
True enough. Is he seeing someone else now?

Remember, you are only as young as the woman you feel... :)

Mind you, she must not be terribly bright - imagine, a woman of her standing getting pregnant by him; the shame that the children will have to bear, it would be like being told that your biological father was Himmler - but with a a white stick rather than a swagger stick!


He'll be OK - don't forhet that Bliar has said that he is confident that Blunkett will survive the inquiry unscathed. A rather bold assertion considering it hasn't even started yet. Smacks of a foregone conclusion doesn't it...
I see the Parliamentary standards watchdog is 'suggesting' there should be an investigation into the other matters raised (the train fare, etc). I thought it was his job to DEMAND one and carry it out?
What disturbs me greatly, is the mealy-mouthed (Such as it is) criticism from the Conservative benches.

Hardly a word is said. This morning I watched a segment from Andrew Neills politics show, where I had a hard time believing that the Tory that Neill was interviewing, didn't sit on the Neue Arbeit front bench. Neill had to repeatedly badger him on the question, did Blunkett have a case to answer?

The Tory's desperate zig-zagging and smoke popping , to avoid giving a direct answer was astonishing.

Is Blunkett that feared in the halls of Parliament?

Nice forthright answer from the member for Montgomeryshire though. I don't think you're on Blunketts Crimbo card list this year Lembit :D
Is Blunkett that feared in the halls of Parliament?
Spunkett isn't feared but his dog is.
armourer said:
Is Blunkett that feared in the halls of Parliament?
Spunkett isn't feared but his dog is.
His dog is being trained to sniff out people who aren't carrying an ID card, when it will instantly turn into an attack Labourador! :twisted:

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