Blunktw@tt fcuked!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Nov 28, 2004.

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  1. BBC:

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  2. sounds about right to me :wink:

    Why would a MR B want to see if an application was alright if not going to do anything to help, cos let's face it mr B could not read it himself could he?unless it was in braille of cse...

    all government cars go to Derbys at the weekend..seems he is implying it does..

    Cynical? me? yeh ok then, I am :wink:
  3. New Labour - Old Sleaze
  4. the level of corruption and sleaze in this government is astonishing - Mandelson, Vaz etc

    What Blunkett has done is wrong, end of story

    1. On the one hand we have Margaret Hodge telling us that the state ( see Labour Party) will instruct us how to bring up our children, on the other, we have Blunkett trying to destroy a marriage to satisfy his own ego.This pr*ck has the gall to tell us how to behave. I read a junior Minister describe Blunkett as 'honest' - unbelievable, I think these people actualy believe their own lies.

    2. Misaapropriation of public funds - the trip she went on, use of the ministers car and the amazing revalation that a copper was posted outside her door to protect her !! So the police are used to beat up protestors in Parliament Sqaure, to the point where 18 plod have been charged with assault or GBH, in most parts of the country it is impossible to get police to attend anything but a murder in progress, open running gunfights in central London and yet there are still police resources available to stand outside the house of a ministers mistress???

    Frankly, I'm beyond the point of being suprised by these people anymore, they have made corruption and spin a regular part of political life.

    I have no respect for any of these people.
  5. Hopefully it is all true. Add this to so called Lord Watson’s alleged fire raising Neue Arbeit should be on the ropes.
  7. Trosky,

    Even if these officers have been served with 'notices of complaint' it is still significant.

    On the open gun battles, I was refering to the recent incident in the City of London where a young office worker on her way home, was hit in the crossfire between two gangs after a music industry awards night. Ok - so a drive by shooting, rather than a running gun battle, but either way, not acceptable. Thankfully the police arrested some of the crims and found one of them was wearing body armour.

    My point being that this government is fostering an elite based on the types of behaviour indulged in by David Blunkett i.e. 'Do as I say, not as I do' .

    My gripe is that this 'elite' appears to be missusing the police to protect themselves, whilst ordinary citizens like me suffer from failing levels of service. For the record, I have had intruders IN my propoerty and the police failed to respond after 3 hours , so I had to go and sort them out myself. One of them threatened to come back and kill me, which was concerning as he knew where I lived.

    Not having a crack at the Police, more the senior echelons.

    So can you understand how hacked off ordinary people become, when I read that the Home Secretaries bit on the side gets a police presence outside her house, just because she is sh*gging the Home Secretary?
  8. Will Blunktw@tt be joining Fathers 4 Justice? :twisted:
  9. 'Nanny-Gate'
  10. Not really, as I'm sure Trotsky will testify. It's about the monthly life of a front line Police Officer, to get a complaint of some form or another For a number of reasons, not least because the tw@ts been nicked. Imagine if the Police could actually answer in open forum the critisism levelled at them? Imagine if they could make complaints about the hunt supporters?

    If anybody seriously believes this, they need to step outside and take a quick reality check. It seems to me that she's pissed off (hell hath no fury etc....) and looking to create trouble. It takes two to tango and the fact that both brats may be his leaves her in a far worse position imo.

    Not saying that I don't want the self important pontificating arrse to fall. But I want it on something decent, not some jilted trollops trumped up accusations.
  11. Tory sleaze.
    Remember that one.
    Blur has presided ove the most corrupt government since Lloyd George.
  12. He admits to rail ticket accusation does he not?

    What would be the reaction if it were discovered that serving member of the military gave his warrant to his married mistress for personal use?
  13. To be fair though as much as I seethe at this govts every move, if I was in a position to blag stuff like that I would! its just a step up from nicking a ream of paper, or in the old days claiming your travel money and gettin a cabby with a mate!


    The 11th Commandment - Thou shalt not get caught!

    Springs to mind :wink:
  14. BBC TV News is reporting that a retired judge will conduct an investigation, the tried and tested New Labour way of avoiding blame or responsibility for anything. Another outing for Hutton or Butler, or will another of the Lord Chancellor's lickspittles be reporting to No 10 for a briefing on his remit, and the required outcome?

    The New Labour spin is working two tracks - the risible 'dark forces' theory, and the 'woman scorned blackmailing Blind Pugh' approach. It seems not to have occurred to them that if Pugh had kept his trousers zipped in the first place it wouldn't have happened.
  15. This is a retired Judge that they've recently decided not to tax their £1.5m pension! Going to be a fair hearing then :roll: