Blunkett unveils policing plans

People could be given the mobile phone number of their local bobby under an overhaul of policing in England and Wales unveiled by David Blunkett.
Hallo? Officer Smith? Yes, I know you said you were away at the weekend but I just wanted to let you know that my 'pussy' is up the tree again.... What was that? You don't give a flying f#ck! Well, I never, and you know I've never because my Sidney died on our wedding day............


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:lol: :lol: :lol:

What's got into these clowns in government ?

Does reality only exist for them in some sort of distant parallel universe ?

The Great Satan Straw must be hiding his stash in Blind Pugh's Ready Brek !
This is true and is allready being implementedin London.

Nothing new here at all just the usual reannouncement of old moeny and iniatives.

The next generation of police radios are also mobile phones.

Each council ward will have a dediciated policing team of one PS 2 PC's and three PCSO's responsible for local policing between 0600-2300 (ish) during the week on top of the current vehicle based response teams.

Mrs Miggins will ring the number for the local police team and be put straight through to some PC who will come over as soon as he has finsished filling in the latest audit from the centre or ludicrous CPS inspired form.


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