Blunkett to query Guantanamo case


Home Secretary David Blunkett is to press US officials to give the British Guantanamo detainees "a fair deal".
Mr Blunkett, in the US to discuss the fight against terror, says he will raise the situation of the four men still held in the Cuban base.

But the US view is that two of the men, Moazzam Begg and Feroz Abbasi, both due to be tried by military commission, have serious cases to answer to.

Relatives will call for the men's release at the White House on Monday.

Their visit to the White House comes as reports suggest the US government believes the four men are "too dangerous to free".

Senior US officials said they were convinced that, if freed, all four would pose "a serious threat" to the US and Britain, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Five Britons are due to be released shortly but the remaining four will stay in custody and Mr Blunkett says he will stress that the British government is concerned about the conditions under which they are held.

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