Blunkett to Advise Missy Jacqui Home Secretary

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by uncle_vanya, Dec 19, 2008.

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  1. It has been reported (Daily Mail 18th December 08) that Jacqui Smith has dumped plans for directly-elected police authority members, saying she was worried about potential politicisation of the police.

    The Home Secretary pointed yesterday to London Mayor Boris Johnson's role in the resignation of Sir Ian Blair as Metropolitan Police Commissioner and the Tory response to the arrest of MP Damian Green.

    She said police were concerned about political interference limiting their operational independence. The Home Secretary has caved in again on a bit of useless legislation, trying to blame the Conservatives for politicising the Police. She has asked that incompetent idiot Blunkett to prepare a report on making the police more accountable. Accountable to whom, her, or the public at large.

    If... (I cannot keep my pants zipped) Flunkett Blunkett comes back in from the cold of the Lie-bore back benches, then Pa Broone and pals must truly be kacking themselves. An early election maybe, but Pa Broone is being very coy. Will he 'Go Fer Broke' and 'Ride Em Cowboy' come the Spring of 2009, or continue to bimble and bumble through to 2010?

    There are local elections for Councils, and elections to the EU parliament in June or July. So could Pa McBean Gollum Broone deside to toss everything on the front burner? Maybe Peter Lord Mandbrat has been sacrificing chickens on the 'Alter of New Liebore Peace'..... and reading their entrails for the portents for the future.....!!

    it has been reported.... allegedly... that when Blunket was leader of the Labour dominated Shefield Council... that that was left in one bog awful mess. The same after he was Secretary of State for Education ( or was it Ederkayshun...?)... and of course the same when he was Home Secretary.... (Nae Fit Fer Purpose!!)

    Go on, Go on, Go on Pa Broone..... give Blunkett a Cabinet Post so the Public can see just how truly screwed up New Labour is.....

    (Portents after chicken entrails have been read..... Pa Broone is dragged away after he thinks he is Batman, Moses & Spiderman..... Men in white coats and sectioning were seen in mists of the future.... )

    Wow!! :) :) :p
  2. This from a woman who has turned the Met into the paramilitary wing of ZANU- Labour?! 8O :evil:

    Where the fcuk is V when we need him? :twisted:
  3. The mess of Sheffield City council after Blunkett's leadership isnt alleged it was fact, a fact that council taxpayers are still paying for today and for the forseeable future!
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Is this a case of the blind leading the stupid?
  5. Presumably, she is looking for advice on how to get away with it? Or possibly his experience of looking after dogs is what the trout wants to tap into?
  6. I don't think any of us are surprised by this. If Mandelson can come back anyone can.

    The Home Orafice is a disaster anyway, it's not as if Blunkett could make it any worse.
  7. Blunkers is probably rubbing his hands together at the prospect of another illicit shag. Probably lucky that he can't see her.
  8. Well Guido Fawkes has uncovered a gathering of ZNL spin doctors, perhaps something is up. Checkout the names at the bottom of the article.

    Exclusive : Meanwhile Over at Labour HQ...

    Tomorrow morning Derek Draper is convening a "New Media Breakfast" meeting with dozens of Labour bloggers and New Media types to hear from Blue State Digital how Labour can use the internet to win the next election. Blue State Digital are the people that did Obama's online stuff - rather well.

    So far Draper's online efforts haven't really got anywhere, one of the issues that Labour has is that it does not know what it wants to achieve. Blue State Digital have brought over Thomas Gensemer and Joe Rospars, Barack Obama's former new media campaign director to basically pitch their services and know-how to the Draper assembled collection of lobbyists, spin-merchants and public affairs leeches* that by and large constitute the Labour blogosphere. Blue State Digital have hired Matthew Macgregor to run a soon to be opened London office. Macgregor worked on Ken Livingstone's 2008 Mayoral campaign, for War on Want, TULO and Jon Cruddas' deputy leadership campaign. This is their big sales pitch.

    Guido called Draper to wish him luck with the meeting, he cursed Guido's foreknowledge. Draper denied point blank that he was looking for funding for an Iain Dale style, party-supportive blog with titbits of insider news and his spin on the party line. He has been reportedly moaning that he has been working voluntarily for free for the Party and that if they want to take the fight online they will need a full time paid blogger - what he doesn't say openly is that it should be him. Sources say that the blog is to be known as the "Daily Draper".

    Hopefully Draper's blog will be more prescient than his writing for the Guardian. In September 2007 he told us - "Get ready for a short, sharp campaign. Gordon Brown is not a ditherer, and I predict he will announce the election very soon". Today he says the opposite "the Tories are doing what they can to promote the idea that there might be an early election", before rubbishing the idea. Does that mean there will be an early election?

    "Go 4th" was one working title for a Labour supporting rival to ConservativeHome, LabourList is another name being knocked about. Draper claims he hasn't finalised the plan and it is still at the talking shop stage. Rumour has it that Mandelson (an Iain Dale fan) is being supportive.

    Guido has a suggestion for Derek and the embryonic Labour online-spin crew: find a charismatic, young new leader who can be the change that we need. It won't matter how good the website is until you do...

    *Invitation list to Labour's digerati: Tom Watson (Guido passim), Colin Byrne (CEO, Weber Shandwick), Sadie Smith (ex-Westmonster), Mark Hanson (spinner), Simon Buckby (Popbitch's spinner boyfriend), David Clark, Charlie Whelan (Unite, former Gordon bruiser), Chuka Umunna, Sue Macmillan, DJ Collins (Google spinner), Sarah Mulholland, Richard Angell, Ed Owen, Simon Alcock, Wee Dougie Alexander, Patrick Diamond, Sunder Katwala (Fabians), Gavin Hayes (Compass), Jessica Asato, Robert Philpot, Richard Huntington, Tristram Hunt, Ben Wegg-Prosser (Mandy's protege), Damian McBride (Downing Street spinner for Gordon), Andrew Dodgshon, Theo Blackwell, Tom Miller, Tim Allan (Portland CEO), David Bradshaw, Stuart Bruce (Alan Johnson's leadership spinner, Labour new media guru), Jag Singh (LabourHome and Hilary online campaign guru), Matt Strong, Paul Simpson, Spencer Livermore (ex Gordon spinner), Ed Owen, Chris McShane, Matthew Taylor (RSA boss, ex-Blair policy unit), Alex Finnegan, John Miles, Adam Dustagheer, Dan Thain (Labour HQ), Mark Lucas (Silverfish), Luke Pollard, James Crabtree, Tim Shand, Alex Hilton (LabourHome), Simon Redfern, William Davies, Howard Dawber, Nick Anstead, Richard Lane, Jon Steinberg, Pete Bowyer, Steve Cowan, Hopi Sen, Luke Bozier, Andy Regan, Toby Flux, David Taylor, Chris McShane, Matthew McGregor, Noel Hatch, Sunny Hundal (the supposedly independent Liberal Conspiracy), Greg Jackson, Dave Prescott (son of), Luke Akehurst (spinner Weber Shandwick), Phil Dilks, Jonathan Upton, Simon Fletcher, Tom Price, John Stolliday, Adrian McMenamin (CBI &, Paul Hilder, Paul Miller, Ben Brandzel, Anthony Painter, Ravi Gurumurthy.
  9. Are they going to use Obama's speechs wholesale, just like someone (think it was the losing guy against Bush Jnr) did Stateside the last time around.

    I'm sure our techy whizzes will be abale to tell us when/if this happens
  10. My thoughts exactly!
  11. obvious thought ... doubt there's a person in the country not thinking that ... me included :D
  12. Good response to that point on one of the blogs yesterday. Do those police she's worried about politicising include those Met officers who were driving around with 'Vote Labour' posters stuck to the windows of their police vehicles during the last general election?

    Yeah. Boris told Sir Ian that he had no confidence in him. His eyes no doubt welled up with tears as he reached for the headed notepaper to pen his resignation.

    Sir Ian was well aware that he could only be sacked by the Home Secretary. In fact, after he was summoned to the GLA after the Stockwell shooting, he invited the GLA to try to sack him if they thought they could. Arrogant pr!ck. His organisation had just killed somebody. Had he been a director of a private company, he'd be in jail for corporate manslaughter by now.

    I wonder what dirt Boris uncovered that prompted Sir Ian's resignation.
  13. Well Ian Blair was under investigation over contracts given to a friend of his, and I doubt he would have survived the Jean Charles De Menezes inquest verdict. Better to resign and keep his pension than be sacked by the Home Secretary. He was mired in sleaze!
  14. I wonder where Liebore are getting the funds to pay for Blue State Digital after their recent success you'll bet they want top dollar and the red scum are almost bankrupt and with the state of the economy I can't see donors coming forwards any time soon. Guess they will try and get tax payers money to fund their campaign.
  15. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    I cant see that useless waste of skin Smith taking advice she used to be a teacher and everybody knows they always know best.