Blunkett outlines terror options

No, it's not the Labour party Campaign plan, it's the latest installment in T W A T

Home Secretary David Blunkett has outlined measures being considered to stop a terror attack on the UK.
Options include allowing the use of secretly-taped phone calls as evidence in trials of terrorist suspects.

The home secretary says it is inevitable the UK will face a terror attack - and he wants a public debate about what should be done to thwart it.
Gosh, a public debate? Mr. Blunkett, were you asleep for the last 30 years? It may come as a surprise to you, that we have had terror attacks in these Fair isles before. Oh, what's that you say, that was different, as those involved, are now part of the Parliamentary processes of a democracy?

You want a Public debate for 2 reasons Blind Pugh

1. Bring it back in the limelight, let's try and scare the public again, they haven't been made nervous for a while
2. Because we're coming up to campaign time again ain't we.

Mr Blunkett said the head of MI6 had told him a terror attack on Britain was a case of "if" rather than when, but it was difficult to get people to believe this was the case.
Now why would that be? Uranium, Niger, Yellow Cake, WMD, Hutton, Whitewash 45 minutes ring a bell?

They see Bali, they see Casablanca, they see what's happened in Istanbul, but they don't believe that it can happen here," he told BBC Breakfast
Are you on recreational drugs Mr. Blunkett? The last terrorist outrage on the UK mainland was 10 years ago, the last terrorist outrage on Irish soil was 9? years ago. 2 years ago, the CIRA tried to blow a car with 500 lbs of assorted badness on board, in the middle of Birminghams club area on a Friday night. The British people know it can happen here, what the fcuk are you talking about you silly old fool.

Oh sorry I forgot, 9/11 was the first terrorist atrocity wasn't it? Bloody hell, it's like PIRA never happened. We must remain subserviant to the Americans in everything, even suffering of terrorist outrages. :twisted:

"We mustn't allow ourselves to get into a position where we'd only address these issues openly and honestly if something terrible happened.

"Because at that moment in time, there would only be hysteria
... public opinion would sweep away the perfectly reasonable objections that exist at the moment to taking further draconian measures and that's why I want the debate now, not after."
Get the CDT crash team into his office now. Was there hysteria in the wake of Canary Wharf, Manchester or Omagh? What the f*** planet is this man from. WE ARE BRITISH Blunkett, a fact you seem to have forgotten, in your quest to be nothing more than an outstation for "Die Büro von Heimat Sicherheit" . If you want to be more like the Americans, and get hysterical over every little bloody thing, I suggest you get your passport, and Pi** off there . Permanently.

Mr Blunkett admitted the UK is only a few steps away from a secret trial system.

Mr Blunkett says he does not intend to lower the standard of proof for terror cases, although there could be civil court orders for those on the fringes of terror groups.
Roll on May 2005.

Assuming we'll still have elections by then , that is.

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