Blunkett calls for Police Chief dismissal

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Jun 23, 2004.

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  1. Police chief sacking call sets precedent

    OK , so far so good. 2 liitle girls are murdered, and the man who did it. somehow slipped through Humberside Police's net.

    Now Sir Michael has fingerered (shafted) David Westwood to take the blame, in spite of the fact, that most of the failures happened before his tenure as Chief Copper

    Now this is interesting. Blind Pugh has actually announced in the House , that Westwood should be suspended forthwith.

    WTF? I think I can see yet another Smoke and Mirrors exercise, from the Beloved Master of Illusion and his troupe of Populist Delusionists (Heh!)

    Fair one David, let's sack the guy in charge of the Police Force who made these mistakes, but first, let's look at some other cases shall we?

    Now, as Home Secretary, do you think you should be suspended, for the failures of your department, to properly vet high risk asylum seekers? I mean, fancy failing to medically screen them even.They also occured during your tenure.

    So BP jumps on the populist bandwagon, trying to pump up Neu Arbeit support in Humberside. Or worst still, lay smoke to cover up his Boss shafting us in Europe, and 8 matelots banged up in Iranian chokey.

    The whole thing stinks of "Good day to release bad news"

    My personal message to David Westwood , is "Stand your ground Sir" Blunkett has just inadvertently exposed a weak spot, going for a cheap kill, and it's up to you to take advantage.

    Any chance of Humberside Old Bill mounting a strike action or other activity in support of their Chief?

    What's the Police feeling in general?

    My personal feeling, is this is a bloody farce, and a shameful episode.
  2. Feckin chuffed with the Humberside Bill..............responsibility should go all the way to the top :twisted: :twisted:
  3. Good post PTP.

    This is typical - impose a set of new bureaucratic PC rules, ensure that you cannot easily share information, set innapropriate targets then stand back and wonder why it all goes to c*ck. Oh and encourage a system where managers with the moral backbone of a jelly fish are promoted over leaders.

    Humberside Ch Con should stand his ground - once Ministers started to break the rule of not blaming public servants it seems that we are all in the target array. PTP is right to highlight the failures of other policies that have had a far more devastating effect on lives than the single act (albeit tragic) of a single caretaker.

    Rant over - I am sooo angry
  4. Quite right, Percy. And if accountability goes all the way to the top, why's Buffhoon still i/c MoD? People died last year in Iraq for want of body-armour. A hell of a lot more would have gone the same way if there'd been a chemical strike, given the lack of NBC kit. If Bliar's minions are calling for heads on pikes, let them lead by example. :twisted:
  5. Hear hear
  6. The Home secretary and his party are responsible for the confused jumble of new legislation, guidelines and interference in operational matters for political reasons that leads to such tragedies. He should go himself and not try to slip the blame down the food chain.
  7. It's not just the tragic cases listed so far that can be laid at the doorstep of the bearded Himmler wannabe.

    Look at the Eastern European visa debacle - he lost a minister after trying to shaft civil servants. Clearly this clown must go.

    This perpetuates the massive gulf of distrust between the civil service, military and other Crown servants and the lying mendacious government that supposedly runs our third-world country. Watch your backs and if necessary go down fighting to try and spread some of the s#!t around!
  8. They can't sack Plunkett. It would be perceived as discrimination against the blind. And we couldn't have that, could we? Talk about selective self-protection! To**ers. :twisted:
  9. I wholeheartedly agree with you PtP.

    Why is the CC of Humberside being targeted when there are others who have also appeared to fail miserably in this particular scenario?

    These range for the headteacher who didn't follow up references to the CC of Cambridgeshire who has also admitted to failures.

    And what about you Blind Pugh? You're Home Secretary and didn't know there wasn't a fully integrated intelligence gathering and sharing system in place? If accountability goes all the way to the top (theres a novelty) then you need to shoulder your share!!

    Wan ker :evil:
  10. It's hardly rocket science. If Scotland's eight police forces, ranging from Strathclyde which is about the equivalent of the Met, to the tiny forces covering the remote Highlands and Islands, can operate a joined-up computer system which allows intel-sharing, why can't the better-funded equivalents in England and Wales? Maybe someone should ask Blind Pugh. Or his dog. 8)
  11. Indeed.

    They are a menace to whatever is left of English liberty:

    1. The push for a national ID card with digitized biometrics.

    2. Ceaseless agitation for repeal of the right to trial by jury.

    3. Eradicating last remnants of the right of the people to keep and bear arms and to defend themselves against criminal attack with or without arms.

    4. Ubiquitous electronic surveillance.

    5. (I realize this predates the present administration but they are helping it along.) Consciously attempting to alter the demographics of the nation to make make people steeped in Anglo-Saxon culture a minority in their own country.
  12. Top post PTP, the inequities of Blunkett's stance are well observed. Head Fed should stay put.

    It would be nice if a journo ( much as I loathe most of them) picked up on your notion of treating Blunkett as Blunkett would treat Mr Westwood, since the asylum abusers were allowed in by Flunkit's team. Plant the seed that Blunkett is not as smart or as fair as he thinks he is, is a hypocrite and should resign.

    What a blind ( in more ways than one) baastard Blunkett is.
  13. Well, if a friendly journalist could take what we've started and run with it?

    Probably not The SUN though , after today's front page

    I had no idea Campbell , now had your office Rebecca 8O
  14. I could understand it if the CC was failing to introduce reforms, but from what I understand he is trying to sort the whole sorry mess out. The whole thing stinks of using him as a scapegoat. If he is to blame, then why doesn't the Humberside Police Commitee, Home office bosses, Blunket and Blair go too?
  15. to keep this going: Humberside Police Authrity voted 13-5 to keep Mr Westwood.

    why get rid of him when he knows the mistakes and can act on them?

    seeings as ministers stopped taking responsibility for their departments why should anyone else?

    my 2p