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Blunkett - back-stabbing liar

Lord Stevens vents his spleen:


Britain's former top police chief has branded cabinet minister David Blunkett a "lying, backstabbing bully".

The retired Scotland Yard Commissioner launched his attack in his memoirs, which are being serialised in the News of The World.

Lord Stevens accuses the former Home Secretary of trying to destroy him and damaging the nation's police service on numerous occassions.

In his book - Not For The Faint-Hearted - Lord Stevens said: "Police chiefs should have good working relationships with the Home Secretary.

"For years I had absolutely no problems with Michael Howard nor with Jack Straw.

"Then, in the form of David Blunkett there came along a new Home Secretary who knew very little about policing.

"Many felt he took office ready-armed with an anti-police agenda."
The full story is here.
After one tense meeting with the then Home Secretary, stories appeared in the media, he recalled in his memoir, entitled Not For the Faint-Hearted.

"There were only three people in that office - myself, the Home Secretary and his dog," he wrote. "And it didn't come from the dog."
stevens had my respect - but why sensationalise his memoirs by publishing them in a seedy piece of filth like the news of the screws?
Two reasons and I hope to God I'm right on the last one.

1. CASH, MONEY, SPONDS!! Plain and simple!

2. A massive audience (Please let me be right, please!!)

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