Blunkett back as election envoy

David Blunkett took his first steps towards a possible return to the Cabinet yesterday on the streets of a former mill town in Yorkshire.

The former Home Secretary began his role as the Prime Minister's election envoy with the brief to rally support in marginal constituencies.

His first port of call was Keighley, where the Labour MP, Ann Cryer, will defend a 4,000 majority over the Conservatives.

He seemed anxious not to rule out a return to office, two months after he resigned over Home Office intervention in "fast-tracking" a visa application for his ex-lover's nanny.

Mr Blunkett, who is currently embroiled in paternity claims with Kimberley Quinn, was asked about his recall from the back bench, to be part of Mr Blair's campaign unit. He replied: "No presumptions, no promises, then no one is disappointed.

"Over the months ahead it is down to me in terms of the contribution I make, after that, it's entirely down to the Prime Minister."

Mr Blunkett took part in a walkabout with Mrs Cryer and his guide dog, Sadie.

Well feck me! That was even quicker than mandelson. Blair must really miss him! Who had bets on less than 6months before returing? :D

8O :D :D

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